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Steve Adey - Burning Fields/Everything's in Its Right Place

  by Malcolm Carter

published: 21 / 9 / 2007

Steve Adey - Burning Fields/Everything's in Its Right Place
Label: Grand Harmonium Records
Format: 7"


Atmospheric new double A sided single from Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Steve Adey

Although actually a double ‘A’ side limited edition 7” single there is little doubt that Edinburgh based Steve Adey will attract more attention for his cover of the Radiohead song that opened the ‘Kid A’ album than for the original song, ‘Burning Fields’, that accompanies it here. But that is a little unfair as ‘Burning Fields’ is the stronger song. Adey, of course, is no stranger at covering other artists' songs and not only making them his own but is also an expert at taking songs apart and reconstructing them into something new and almost unrecognisable from the original. Adey did this to great success with Bob Dylan’s ‘Shelter From The Storm’ on his ‘All Things Real’ album. With ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ Adey’s stripped back sound lends the unsettling beauty, which runs through all his work, to the song with great effect. On first listen it doesn’t register that it is the Radiohead song; Adey really has transformed it into something so totally different. It's a completely new experience. If it will appeal to Radiohead fans is another matter, but it will certainly appeal to anyone who appreciated the ‘All Things Real’ album. Even better though is that original, ‘Burning Fields’, which was apparently written before the album was recorded. It’s classic Adey; atmospheric, spooky, and building up to a stunning climax with a choir adding lightness to the deep brown tones of Adey’s vocals. But even singing as sweetly as they do that choir consists of angels with black wings; Adey is never one to make the listener feel too comfortable. Which, of course, is much of his appeal. That eeriness has become Adey’s trademark and there is no reason when he produces such thought provoking music as this why he should make any drastic changes. For those of us who hear the beauty in the wilderness that is almost unique in Adey’s music then this single is a must, as these songs will not appear on his forthcoming album which is due to be released in early 2008. A brave and unexpected cover version and an absolutely stunning original make this a perfect 7” release.

Track Listing:-
1 Burning Fields
2 Everything In Its Right Place

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