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Juliette And The Licks - You're Speaking My Language

  by Jon Rogers

published: 3 / 6 / 2005

Juliette And The Licks - You're Speaking My Language
Label: Hassle Records
Format: CDS


Competent, but very ordinary new single from Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis and her band the Licks

The title track from the Hollywood actress and Scientologist's recent album rattles along in a feisty Patti Smith style but she has forgotten to swot up on her Arthur Rimbaud or William Blake. It's just over two minutes of competent, stripped down rock 'n' roll ballsy fun - complete with a singalong chorus. While she's certainly more able than most actors who think they can sing - Keanu Reeves, William Shatner, Russell Crowe, Minnie Drive - there's nothing really here though that lifts it out of the ordinary. She is speaking our language but needs to widen her vocabulary.

Track Listing:-
1 You're Speaking My Language
2 Hey You, Hey Man
3 Get Your Tongue Wet

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