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Ella Guru - The First Album

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 24 / 7 / 2004

Ella Guru - The First Album
Label: Banana
Format: CD


Lo-fi indie-folk debut album from Liverpool group Ella Guru, which despite occupying the same well ploughed furrow as the Turin Brakes, still proves fresh and engaging enough to carry its own character as well

Liverpool's Ella Guru occupy the same well ploughed furrow as chart stars the Turin Brakes and the lesser known, but equally special, Bristol band the Blue Bear. Their take on lo-fi indie-folk is, however, still fresh and engaging enough to allow them their head. Whilst much of this debut long-player is made up of the tried and tested formula above (the best of which being the stunning 'I Got My Mojo Working'), there are several deviations from the path. 'They Called For Us' has a slightly oriental (with a western movie twang) feel to it and the influence of fellow scouse oddballs, the Coral, is also evident on the track, giving the song a sea shanty flavour. Similarly 'My Favourite Punk Tune' pays homage to the early Coral singles. The most upbeat of the folk-laced tracks is 'This Is My Rock And Roll',while 'Blues Is The Root' introduces a female vocalist with a voice so fragile you feel a change in the wind direction could break it in two. The sadness of the song is intensified accordingly. Another highlight is the wonderful 'Wonderful' that could easily sit comfortably on Candidate's excellent 'The Wicker Man' inspired album 'Nuada'. All good things have to come to an end and finishing with a strange poem read by an American sounding chap is bizarre, but pure genius. As a hidden bonus the same chap then sings a version of the band's debut single 'On A Beach'. Again a masterstroke...... This album is certainly worth checking out as a relaxing soundtrack to the early hours after a heavy night or a long rejuvenating bath.

Track Listing:-
1 Noisy Insects
2 They Called For Us
3 Augustus Golden
4 Park Lake Speakers
5 On A Mountain
6 This is My Rock + Roll
7 I Got My Mojo Workin'
8 Wonderful
9 Oh God
10 Blues Is The Root
11 My Favourite Punk Tune
12 Base Is The Spine

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