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Experimental Pop Band - Tarmac And Flames

  by Dixie Ernill

published: 18 / 2 / 2004

Experimental Pop Band - Tarmac And Flames
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Format: CD


Impressive indiepop from former Brilliant Corners' star Davey Woodward's latest group the Experimental Pop Band, which comes closes "to delivering the classic they have only previously hinted at"

Three years on from their last long player, 'The Tracksuit Trilogy', the Experimental Pop Band come close to delivering the classic they have only previously hinted at. Opening with the slow burning, but hauntingly excellent 'Retro Folk Suckers', the tempo soon gathers pace on the breezy 'Weekend', which is one part 'Stuck In The Middle With You' and one part social vignette on the joys of urban Saturday nights. The stomping 'Gothenburg' follows, out-Blurring vintage Blur, but better still is the cracking groover, 'The Hippies Don't Know', just crying out to be released as a single. Despite the great start, this album is a flawed gem, with the quality dipping for the pointless 'Mir' and the below-par 'Desert Me', a mish-mash of ideas that doesn't quite work on record, but sounds awesome live, with the guitar cranked-up. Normal service returns with the title track, a frothy slice of easy listening perfection laced with Davey Woodward's typically barbed lyrics. 'I Can't Stand It' is a sleazy electro-pop diamond and the fizzing 'Fantasy Studios' a quality instrumental that could have been written for Madonna. The trip-hop 'Rock Bizz' is a flash back to Woodward's vocal style on the Experimental Pop Band's debut album, 'Disgrotesque', but annoyingly catchy all the same, while 'Crow Ventura' conjures up images of the singer's childhood being exorcised on an analyst couch. Another lull in content brings the ordinary 'Older Now', which is saved only by its strong lyrics. The foot is back on the gas for the bizarre but charming piano-led 'Ski Machines' and the equally impressive, if much darker, 'Accident' -supposedly a true story, before this 15 tracker is brought to an end with the guitar-fuelled, dare I say classic "Cornersesque", '1000 Screaming Girls'.  All told, perhaps 3 or 4 songs too heavy to be, even at this early stage, a genuine contender for album of 2004, but certainly the band's best effort so far. Indeed having heard one or two of the tracks lined up for future releases,I would say the masterpiece and recognition Woodward's 20-year affair with the music business deserves could be closer than we think! 

Track Listing:-
1 Retro Folk Suckers
2 Weekend
3 Gothenburg
4 The Hippies Don't Know
5 Mir
6 Desert Me
7 Tarmac & Flames
8 Can't Stand It
9 Fantasy Studios
10 Rock Bizz
11 Crow Ventura
12 Older Now
13 Ski Machines
14 Accident
15 1000 Screaming Girls

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