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Mary O'Meara - Reviews


Appealing new album from Blondie which includes songs written by Joan Jett, Sia, Johnny Marr and Blood Orange's Dev Hynes as well as some Chris Stein/Debbie Harry's own numbers


Disappear/Be Here
Impressive double A-sided vinyl-only single from Manchester post-punk trio LIINES

Sarah Cracknell

Red Kite
Dreamy soundscapes on first solo album in eighteen years from Saint Etienne front woman, Sarah Cracknell


The Twisted Wheel, Manchester 1963-71
Excellent Northern Soul Compilation straight from the turntables of Manchester's legendary Twisted Wheel Club

Tracey Browne and Raevennan Husbandes

East by North West
Enchanting joint album between Manchester singer-songwriters, Tracey Browne and Raevennan Husbandes

Marc Almond

The Dancing Marquis
Flawed latest release from the yet always remarkable Marc Almond, which combines together two recent limited edition EPs alongside two new tracks

Little Sparrow

Wishing Tree
Ethereal and captivating debut album from Little Sparrow, the project of Manchester-based singer-songwriter Katie Ware

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