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Anthony Middleton


Simone Felice

At a solo gig in London, former Felice Brothers member Simone Felice talks about his recovery from life-threatening heart surgery, other career as a novelist and his group the Duke and the King's forthcoming second album



Anthony Middleton looks at the mid 80's and early 90's history of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, who in the second instalment of an extensive reissue campaign have just had three albums from that era, 'Tender Prey', 'Henry's Dreaam' and 'The Good Son',all re-released

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Anthony Middleton finds compelling, but also sometimes disturbing new DVD spoof documentary, 'White Lightnin', about the trials and tribulations of white trash dancer and killer, Jesco White
Anthony Middleton examines the early career of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, who have just had their first four albums, 'From Her to Eternity', 'The Firstborn is Dead', 'Kicking Against the Pricks' and 'Your Funeral… My Trial',all re-released
Anthony Middleton enjoys the post-punk soundtrack of 'Awaydays', a new film about late 70s Liverpool football hooligans and music fans, but finds it otherwise lacking grit and over stating its social commentary
Anthony Middleton examines the growing phenomenon at concerts of often relatively young bands performing their most celebrated albums in full

Live Reviews

Willy Vlautin
Simone Felice
Stephen Fretwell

At the London Roundhouse, Anthony Middleton admires Richmond Fontaine singer Willy Vlautin's honesty, humour and insight at a show in which he both played songs solo and also performed readings from his new novel, 'Lean On Pete'
At the Hawley Arms in London, Anthony Middleton watches the Duke and the King front man Simon Felice put on an intimate and acoutisc rare solo performance
Anthony Middleton watches Manchester-based singer-songwriter Stephen Fretwell at the Luminaire in London play an occasionally mesmerising set of acoustic, but proving too engaging and ultimately struggling to control his audience


Soundtrack of Our Lives

In the latest in our 'Soundtrack to Our Lives' column, in which writers write of the personal impact of music on their lives, Anthony Middleton tells of living in Camden in the early 90s as Britpop exploded


Giant Sand
Duke and the King
Elliot Smith
Danny and the Champions of the World

Initriguingly laidback and sparse latest album from Giant Sand, the main focus of Howe Gelb who often credited as being the founder of alt. country is now in the twenty fifth year of his recording career
Solid second album from the Duke and the King, which, however unfortunately does not match up to the promise shown on their much acclaimed debut album of last year
Breathtaking and often surprising compilation album which succeeds in being the perfect guide to the career of the late American singer-songwriter and musician Elliot Smith
Dreamily authentic latest album from sprawling London-based Americana act, Danny and the Champions of the World

Jim Kroft
Arch Garrison
Justin Sandercoe

Enthusiastic, but unfocused anf flawed debut album from Scottish-born, but now Berlin-based singer-songwriter Jim Kroft
Evocative debut album from Arch Garrison, the project of acoustic guitarist and North Sea Radio Orchestra leader Craig Fortnam
Fertile latest album from Shearwater, who increasingly draw comparisons with Talk Talk and Mark Hollis in their passion and ability
Original-sounding, if somewhat unfocused debut album from internet phenomenon and guitar expert, Justin Sandercoe

Lazarus Clamp
Frightened Rabbit
Ben Cooley Hall
Mountain Goats

Sprawling, but unmelodic fifth album from Leicester-based alt. rock outfit, Lazarus Clamp
Riverting string-accompanied latest vinyl only single from Scottish indie rock group, Frightened Rabbit
Offbeat, but ultimately compelling debut album from Rhode Island-based singer-songwriter, Ben Cooley Hall
Atmospheric, lo-fi latest offering from the Mountain Goats, which subtly merges biblical imagery with front man and songwriter's John Darnielle's personal obsessions

Samson and Delilah
She Keeps Bees
Les Clochards
Ryan Driver

Colourful and textured debut offering from Mancurian husband-and-wife musical duo, the ironically named Samson and Delilah
Evocative and gutsy blues on second album from Brooklyn-based two-piece, She Keeps Bees
Likeable fusion of French chanson tradition and American soul on impressive debut album from Oxford-based band, Les Clochards
Exasperatingly inconsistent debut solo album from frontman with the Silt and alt. country musician, Ryan Driver

Zoey Van Goey
Sam Kills Two
Matt Kollar and the Angry Mob

Predictable-sounding indiepop on debut album from Glaswegian trio, Zoey Van Goey
Finely performed and produced debut album from Sam Kills Two, the new band of Dodgy's Nigel Turner, which, while never less than well executed, never matches its potential
Sparsely beautiful, but also ambitious third album from Nottingham-based group, Lorna, who have similarities with both Sparklehorse and the Willard Grant Conspiracy
Accomplished, often surprising debut album from singer-songwriter Matt Kollar, which, taking migration as it main theme, both bursts with energy and also takes risks

North Sea Radio Orchestra
Emmy the Great

Pastoral second album from the North Radio Sea Orchestra, whose with their use of musical instruments from the medieval age, have created an album that is very English as well as being of rare beauty and musical brilliance
Rough-edged and leftfield alt.country/avant folk on erratic debut album from Canadian trio, the Silt
Excellent new single from London-based indie group Emmy the Great, the bubbly, marching tempo of which contrasts well with its dark theme
Musically assured, mature-sounding alt. country on fifth album from Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Hayden Desser

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