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Paul Waller - Interviews


Heck - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Matt Reynolds, the front man with Nottingham noise rockers HECK about their forced change of name from Baby Godzilla and 'Instructions', their debut album under their new moniker

White Hills

White Hills - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Dave W., the guitarist with acclaimed psychedelic rock outfit White Hills, about his early musical beginnings and influences, and their present European tour


Pontiak - Interview

Paul Waller chats to singer/guitarist Van Carney from guitar rockers Pontiak about his band's album 'Innocence' and his passionate stance on American farming laws

Art Of Noise

Art Of Noise - Interview with JJ Jeczalik

In our second interview with electro-pop innovators the Art of Noise Paul Waller chats to programmer JJ Jeczalik about his group's formation and influence

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Kevin Starrs, the front man with rising doom/stoner rock band Uncle Acid and the deadbeats, about touring with Black Sabbath and their recently released third album, 'Mind Games'


Limb - Interview

Paul Waller talks to London-based metal act Limb about their just released eponymous debut album

Black Moth

Black Moth - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Harriet Bevan, the singer with stoner rock band Black Moth about their forthcoming tour with Uncle Acid and the deadbeats and second album which will be coming out soon

Art Of Noise

Art Of Noise - Interview with Gary Langan

Paul Waller chats to Gary Langan from 80's synthpop pioneers the Art of Noise about his lengthy production career and his influential band's career

Talulah Gosh

Talulah Gosh - Interview

Influential indie pop artist and front woman Amelia Fletcher talks to Paul Waller about her first band Talulah Gosh, who have a new compilation album out, and her other groups Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap

Glenn Tilbrook

Glenn Tilbrook - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Squeeze front man Glenn Tilbrook about his band's musical history and legacy, recent solo tour and forthcoming album, 'Happy Ending'

Mark Mulcahy

Mark Mulcahy - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Connecticut-based singer-songwriter Mark Mulcahy about his new album ‘Dear Mark J Mulcahy, I Love You’ and his years with much acclaimed indie rock outfit, Miracle Legion

Gary Numan

Paul Waller talks to Gary Numan about his much acclaimed new album 'Splinter', his recent move to Los Angeles and his early 80's career


Crass - Interview

Former Crass front man Steve Ignorant talks to Paul Waller about the group's history, his new acoustic project Slice of Life and joint album with Irish punks Paranoid Visions

Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett - Interview

Paul Waller talks to former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett about his forthcoming tour and new album 'Genesis II', which reworks several of the songs from his eight years in the band with guest vocalists


Sebadoh - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Sebadoh co-founder and drummer Eric Gaffney about his years in the band, his veganism and recent split single with Alasadir Roberts which he has released on new label, Happy Soul Records

Grant Hart

Grant Hart - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to voclaist and one-time Husker Du drummer Grant Hart about his remarkable new album 'The Argument, which takes its concept from an unpublished William S. Burroughs manuscript inspired by John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’


Yes - Interview

Keyboardist Geoff Downes speaks to Paul Waller about his forthcoming tour with Yes in which they will be playing three classic albums, his multi-million selling band Asia and his early career with the Buggles


Beat - Interview

Paul Waller chats to vocalist Ranking Roger about his reformed 80's ska/reggae group the Beat and their 1981 second album 'Wha'ppen?'which has just been re-released on vinyl


Queensryche - Interview

Paul Waller chats to Todd La Torre about taking over as the front man in acclaimed heavy metal band Queensryche and their new eponymous album

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to John Linnell from critically acclaimed New York-based experimental duo They Might Be Giants about his group's thirty year history and sixteenth and latest solo album

Thalia Zedek

Thalia Zedek - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Thalia Zedek, the former singer with alternative rock/experimental acts Come and Live Skull about 'Via', her fourth and latest solo album

Judy Collins

Judy Collins - Interview with Simon Crowe

Paul Waller speaks to Simon Crowe, the drummer with 70's/80's punk/new wave band the Boomtown Rats, about his group's history and their recent reformation

Mission Of Burma

Mission Of Burma - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Roger Miller from seminal Boston-based post-punk act Mission of Burma about his group's influential early releases, their reformation after two decades apart and latest album, last year's 'Unsound'


Woodentops - Interview

Paul Waller chats to Rolo McGinty, the frontman with 80's indie/dance group the Woodentops, about his reformed group who have recently put out a new three CD compilation, 'Before During After'


Poltergeist - Interview

Echo and The Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant talks about Poltergeist, the new 70's progressive rock-influenced/post rock instrumental group, that he has formed with his main group's former bassist Les Pattinson, and their debut album, Your Mind is a Box (Let Us Fill It with Wonder)’

Bob Mould

Bob Mould - Interview

Paul Waller talks to former Hüsker Dü and Sugar front man Bob Mould about his years in both bands, his recent autobiography and 'Silver Age', his much acclaimed latest solo album

Alison Moyet

Alison Moyet - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Alison Moyet about her electronic-fuelled first album in five years, 'the minutes'

Bruce Foxton

Bruce Foxton - Interview

Paul Waller chats to Bruce Foxton about his long-awaited second solo album 'Back in the Room', and his years in both the Jam and Stiff Little Fingers


Black - Interview

Paul Waller chats to Liverpudlian singer songwriter Colin Vearncombe about his musical project Black, its bestselling 1987 album 'Wonderful Life' which has just been re-released in a double CD edition and his musical career since then

Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Curt Kirkwood, the front man with influential Arizona-based country act the Meat Puppets about his band's long history and their just released fifteenth album

David Grubbs

David Grubbs - Interview

Paul Waller talks to New York-based experimental musician and solo artist David Grubbs about his early years with influential hardcore bands Squirrel Bait and Bitch Magnet and his new album ‘The Plain Where the Palace Stood’

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Interview with Paul Rutherford

Paul Waller talks to Frankie Goes To Hollywood vocalist and dancer Paul Rutherford about his influential and controversial group and also his solo career


Fish - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to former Marillion front man Fish about his years in his former group, forthcoming album 'Feast of Consequences' and touring again after a long absence


Mudhoney - Interview

Paul Waller talks to Mark Arm, the vocalist with seminal grunge outfit Mudhoney, about his group's forthcoming new album, 'Vanishing Point'


Swans - Interview

Paul Waller talks to New York-based experimental musician Michael Gira about taking his abrasive band Swans back out on the road again and their recent album, 'The Seer'

Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle - Interview

Electronic pioneer Paul Hardcastle talks to Paul Waller about his new compilation album, 'Electrofied 80s’, and his 1980's legacy

Flock Of Seagulls

Flock Of Seagulls - Interview

Mike Score, the front man with 80's electronica act A Flock of Seagulls, talks to Paul Waller about 'All I Wanna Do', his new solo single and first release in seventeen years


Converge - Interview

The guitarist and producer with hardcore act Converge, Kurt Ballou speaks to Paul Waller about his group's history, and their just released latest album, ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’

Wonder Stuff

Wonder Stuff - Interview with Miles Hunt

Paul Waller speaks to Miles Hunt, the front man with bestselling 90's act the Wonder Stuff, about their current 'From the Midlands with Love’ cover singles project; forthcoming first album in eight years, and the break-up of the first line-up of the band at the height of their fame

Peter Kernel

Peter Kernel - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to DIY Swiss-Canadian noise rock act Peter Kernel about the group's line-up changes and their recently released second album, 'White Death Black Heart'

Esben and the Witch

Esben and the Witch - Interview

Brighton-based spooky-sounding folk band band Esben and the Witch's Daneil Copeman talks to Paul Waller about his band's debut album, 'Violet Cries' and touring America

Pack A.D.

Pack A.D. - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Becky Black from Vancouver-based female guitar/drums duo the Pack A.D. about their just released album, 'We Kill Computers' and the benefits of playing as a two-piece

Screaming Females

Screaming Females - Interview

Paul Waller chats to American indie guitar band Screaming Females about the thriving underground scene in their home town of New Brunswick, New Jersey and their latest album, 'Castle Talk'

Mitchell Museum

Mitchell Museum - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Cammy MacFarlane from Glaswegian indie rock group Mitchell Museum about the surreal nature of his band's videos, and why while his group's music is upbeat in sound his lyrics are more downbeat

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats - Interview

Heavy-sounding, but genreless Canadian act Cancer Bats have been touring constantly since the release of their third album earlier this year. Pennyblackmusic speaks to front man Liam Cormier about his group's increasing popularity and refusal to be pigeonholed

Dillinger Escape Plan

Dillinger Escape Plan - Interview

The Dillinger Escape Plan have been at the forefront of the experimental metal scene since forming in 1997. Guitarist and founding member, Ben Weinman, talks to Paul Waller about his band's history from their formative to their current release, 'Option Paralysis'


Ponytail - Interview

Paul Waller talks to New York-based dance/punk duo the Hundred in the Hands about their 80's influences and shortly-to-be-released self-titled debut album

Scout Niblett

Scout Niblett - Interview

Paul Waller chats to English-born, but now Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter and musician Scout Niblett about her early 90's grunge influences,astrology and love of touring


Octoberman - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Marc Morrissette, the front man and founder of Canadian group Octoberman about his band's recently released third album of slacker pop anthems, 'Fortresses', and the increasing cynicism and back-biting against indie rock

Male Bonding

Paul Waller talks to London-based noisy sunshine pop act and recent Sub Pop signing Male Bonding about their just released debut, 'Nothing Hurts', at a show in Canterbury

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