Keith How - Reviews

Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott - Jaruso

Intimate live album recorded in an old church from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Darrell Scott which proves a heartwarming listen

Rick Shea

Rick Shea - Love and Desperation

Convincing new album from veteran country singer-songwriter Rick Shea which finds him on top of his game and undeterred by Covid restrictions using remote recording techniques with his band

Still Corners

Still Corners - The Last Exit

Remarkable fifth album from dream pop pioneers Still Corners who for inspiration for this new record have taken an extraordinary trip into the American desert in search of something beyond our normal vision

Selfless Orchestra

Selfless Orchestra - Great Barrier

Superb ecological concept album from Australian collective the Selfless Orchestra which based on The Great Barrier Reef is an instrumental plea for us all to protect and appreciate the Earth


Seafarers - Orlando

Minimalist and immaculate debut album from London-based jazz outfit Seafarers which grows with each listening


Motorpsycho - The All Is One

Superb double album from Norwegian legends Motorpsycho, who While flying in the face of more fashionable modes and styles continue to be an inventive and creative force

Emma Swift

Emma Swift - Blonde on the Tracks

Beautifully performed and recorded album of Bob Dylan covers from Australian songwriter Emma Swift which provides mixed emotions

Stein Urheim

Stein Urheim - Downhill Uplift

Inventive Americana from experimental Scandinavian composer and multi-instrumentalist Stein Urheim

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus - Songs of Yearning/Nocturnes

Innovative and captivating latest album from the mysterious Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, which features a limited edition extra album

Erlend Apneseth

Erlend Apneseth - Fragmentaium

Hauntingly beautiful and experimental instrumental folk jazz from Norwegian musician Erlend Apneseth

Orphan Brigade

Orphan Brigade - To the Edge of the World

Outstanding album from the Orphan Brigade continue their journey recording music in strange and evocative locations, this time on the Northern Ireland coastline

Lumen Drones

Lumen Drones - Umbra

Satisfying second album from Scandinavian trio Lumen Drones which proves to be an inventive collection of recordings that defies categorisation

Owen Tromans

Owen Tromans - Between Stones

Fantastic eighth solo album from ex-San Lorenzo member Owen Tromans which finds him both ploughing his own field and stepping out of the shadows with a remarkable new set of songs

Frode Halti

Frode Halti - Border Woods

Inventive Norwegian accordion player Frode Halti offers with new album another chapter of progressive Scandinavian folk music and again proves to be the master of genre-fusing improvisation and composition


Meadowsilver - Singles EP

Meadowsilver break new ground in underground psyche /folk circles with a stunningly lovely first EP

Toby Hay

Toby Hay - New Music for 12 String Guitar

Impressive new album of instrumental improvisations from Welsh guitarist Toby Hay which further enhances his growing reputation as one of the UK’s finest guitar players

Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts - The Fiery Margin

Inventive and intelligent new album from folk artist Alasdair Roberts, which will cement his growing reputation

Sarathy Korwar

Sarathy Korwar - More Arriving

Impressive new album from Sarathy Korwar reflecting multi-cultural modern life in Britain today


Various - Beautiful Freaks: Waving Our Flag High, Wave On, Wave On

Fabulous compilation from the TAD label which journeys back to the late 1960’s counterculture

Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals

Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals - Scattersparks

Inventive and prolific songwriter Cardiff-based singer-songwriter Nathan Hall returns with another collection of mind-blowing songs with his latest project