Darrell Scott - Jaruso

  by Keith How

published: 8 / 3 / 2021

Darrell Scott - Jaruso

Label: Full Light Records
Format: CD
Intimate live album recorded in an old church from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Darrell Scott which proves a heartwarming listen


Ah, live music! One man, a guitar, banjo and mandolin. And an audience! Darrell Scott finds himself in an old church on the border of New Mexico in front of an audience that laughs at his jokes and sings along to some of the songs. An intimate setting for a stellar live solo performance. Scott is a session musician and songwriter who has provided material for the likes of Guy Clark and the Dixie Chicks. This live set finds him recounting tales from his career in between intriguing songs such as 'Colorado' and 'No One Needs an Angel'. The idea for this gig was conceived between Scott and sound engineer Erick Jaskowiak, with the help of their friend Mark Dudrow whose Adobe church became the perfect setting for the concept. The audience arrived by word of mouth and Scott, holding close to his lo-fi vision, was able to let his music and song choice flow spontaneously. The set list includes a Merle Haggard cover ('Have You Ever Been to Colorado?') where everyone joins in the chorus and Hoyt Axton’s 'Evangelina' that work perfectly in the simple church setting with no P.A. to worry about. Scott invites you to grab a chair before the opener “There’s a Stone Around My Belly”and invites the gathering to join in with the chorus “hallelujah”. It provides an Instant intimacy that continues throughout the eleven song set. The whole set is surprisingly unique and enjoyable. Darrell Scott was a member of Robert Plant’s Band of Joy, and an added track 'A Satisfied Mind' is added here as a bonus.

Track Listing:-

1 There’s a Stone Around My Belly
2 No One Needs Angel
3 Life Is Cheap
4 (Have You Ever Been Down To) Colorado
5 Fiddler Jones
6 Evangelina
7 The Hummingbird
8 Who Carried You
9 On Life’s Other Side
10 Saint Cecilia
11 Colorado

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