Meadowsilver - Singles EP

  by Keith How

published: 27 / 11 / 2019

Meadowsilver - Singles EP

Label: Millersounds
Format: CD
Meadowsilver break new ground in underground psyche /folk circles with a stunningly lovely first EP


Meadowsilver have just released their first EP. It is housed with most beautiful packaging that includes stickers, two badges and prints reflecting pre-Raphaelite pastoral mysticism. The enclosed limited edition CD features a previously unreleased song 'She Casts Her Spell' that floats on progressive folk pillow of winds and is truly enchanting. If you enter Meadowsilver’s world you find yourself wandering among ancient woodlands , fading sunlight and standing stones in an ethereal place that is quietly otherworldly. Gayle Brogan’s (Pefkin) vocals have never sounded better among the mellotrons and swirling psyche folk electronics and woodwind. Enchanting and mysterious, Meadowsilver cast a spell like no other! Bonus track 'Hushabye Mountain' completes a truly inventive and original set of songs that are both haunting and magical. Meadowsilver are Gayle Brogan, Grey Malkin and Stephen Stannard.

Track Listing:-

1 Midsummers Queen (Single Edit)
2 Fair Sapphire (Single Edit)
3 The Coronation Of The Herring Queen
4 She Casts Her Spell (Single Edit)

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