Orphan Brigade - To the Edge of the World

  by Keith How

published: 28 / 1 / 2020

Orphan Brigade - To the Edge of the World

Label: Orphan Brigade
Format: CD
Outstanding album from the Orphan Brigade continue their journey recording music in strange and evocative locations, this time on the Northern Ireland coastline


Wow! What a brilliant way to end the year’s reviewing. If you ever experienced the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland you will “get“ this in a moment. The Orphan Brigade spent a week there writing this album at iconic locations there, and the result is this stunning album. From the moment ‘Pipes Intro‘ begins so does the magic. Those Uilleann pipes stir something open and ancient calling up the spirits of the strange legends, old places and coastal locations that activated the imaginations of the Orphan Brigade ( oshua Britt, Ben Glover and Neilson Hubbard). This return to Hubbard’s homeland proves to be a massive source of inspiration. The wild and windswept rawness of the land are captured beautifully . Having written the songs actually in the wild, the band set out to record them in St Patrick’s Church of Ireland in Glenarm, gathering a handful of Irish musicians to give them a hand. ‘To the Edge of the World’ is simply wonderful. Cleverly retelling old tales and folk myths in a heady brew of Americana/Folk music the Orphan Brigade have created something really special. From the rock and roll flavour of the stunning ‘Mad Man’s Window’ to the lovely reprise of ‘To the Edge of the World’ sung by the pupils of Seaview Primary School, the sonic beauty is simply captivating in its heartwarming simplicity . The sparse and minimal mixing allow the mandolin to ring out alongside acoustic guitar and soaring harmonies to enhance the highest quality songwriting. You even get John Prine appearing on ‘Captain’s Song’ as an added bonus. The rich and poetic ‘To the Edge of the World’ conjures up the ancient echoes found in the myths, tales and rugged landscape transformed into song in the true manner of storytelling. I cannot recommend this album highly enough. If you like good songs beautifully played and recorded that are full of honesty and grace I suggest you ask Santa to put this in your Christmas stocking!

Track Listing:-

1 Pipes' Intro
2 Mad Man's Window
3 Banshee
4 Under the Chestnut Tree
5 Dance with Me to the Edge of the World
6 Children of Lir
7 Captain's Song (Sorley Boy)
8 Isabella
9 St. Patrick on Slemish Mountain

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