Lumen Drones - Umbra

  by Keith How

published: 24 / 12 / 2019

Lumen Drones - Umbra

Label: Hubro Music
Format: CD
Satisfying second album from Scandinavian trio Lumen Drones which proves to be an inventive collection of recordings that defies categorisation


Lumen Drones consist of Nils Okland (fiddles), Per Steinar Lie (guitars) and Orjan Haarland (drums). The trio released a stunning self-titled debut album on the highly acclaimed ECM label in 2014. The original album consisted of eight tracks of improvised drones that resulted in this groundbreaking release. Lumen Drones reappear, this time on the Hubro label, with a new album ‘Umbra’ which finds the trio taking their original idea a step forward with nine new compositions. Often revolving around the haunting and sometimes wild sound of Okland’s fiddle. the trio find a way to blur the boundaries between a traditional folk sound and post rock experimentation. Opening with the reflective and hypnotic ‘Inneang’, Oakland’s fiddle sends out that powerful and unmistakable Norwegian sound. ‘Droneslag’ reveals how the trio appear to have expanded in confidence since the first album. Edgy and jagged, this drone brings a sense of the inhospitable frozen north as the menacing violin leads with a pulsating one note drone, while the percussive tones roll around like thunder in distant mountains. Stienar’s guitar adds scratchy lines across the mix introducing a contemporary post rock feel. Heady stuff! In equal measure the title track is a beautiful and fragile melody with sensitive percussion and violin working in harmony and bringing a sense of peace. ‘Avalanche in A Minor’ further cements the trio’s unified stance, improvising a blurry epic landscape drone with a perfect combination of their talents. This nine track album, in essence, is steeped in a hypnotic, atmospheric vibe that almost defies categorisation. The three band members have wide experience in the Norwegian experimental and avant-garde scene and their ability to seamlessly interact with each other is testament to their empathy and creative spirits. A truly fine instrumental record that demands the repeat button!

Track Listing:-

1 Inngang
2 Glør
3 Droneslag
4 Gorrlaus slått
5 Umbra
6 Avalanche in A minor
7 Speil
8 Etnir
9 Under djupet

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