Selfless Orchestra - Great Barrier

  by Keith How

published: 25 / 1 / 2021

Selfless Orchestra - Great Barrier

Label: Stock Records
Format: LP
Superb ecological concept album from Australian collective the Selfless Orchestra which based on The Great Barrier Reef is an instrumental plea for us all to protect and appreciate the Earth


The Selfless Orchestra are a collective group of musicians from Perth, Australia.'Great Barrier' is a composition to raise awareness to help protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef from further harm. The musicians involved in this project are all committed to social and environmental justice projects. 'Great Barrier' is a behemoth of post rock power. A massive journey seeking to express the beauty and fragility of the natural world that sweeps majestically across a widescreen soundscape. Orchestral vistas sit along side distorted post rock influenced guitars.Whale song intermingle with haunting flutes and strings.The Perth Symphony Orchestra and members of metal band Karnivool join hands with founder members of Selfless to drive this expansive, experimental and exciting project. 'Great Barrier' really benefits from being heard without interruption to experience the complete magnitude of the work as the music seamlessly flows from track to track . From the raging anger, complete with screaming guitar and vocals, found on 'False Bodies Parts 1 & 2' to the piano-led 'Bleached' there is much to delight lovers of progressive instrumental music. Add in the environmental concerns that provoked the creation of this epic there is much to enjoy and cause the listener to pause for thought. The album’s finale 'Eden is Lost', which is a fragile and beautiful piece that flowers like a new dawn.

Track Listing:-

1 Boundless, Measureless
2 Time Is a Flower Pt. I (The Dream Refused to Stay the Same)
3 Time Is a Flower Pt. II (Colourful Notes of Nocturne)
4 The Luxury of Doing Nothing Very Much at All
5 False Bodies Pt. I (Innocence)
6 False Bodies Pt. II (Ignorance)
7 Inharmonicity
8 Bleached
9 A Certain Energy Future
10 Beyond All Illusion Pt. I

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