Julie Cruickshank - Reviews


Honeyrunners - Everything is On Fire

Canadian band The Honeyrunners’ new album showcases a taste of Southern rock with a soulful, funky vibe


Spidergawd - VI

Outstanding sixth album from Norwegian heavy metal band Spidergawd


Pess - You Can Make Hamburger Yourself

Pleasingly quirky debut from Japanese pop-rock duo Pess.

Head With Wings

Head With Wings - Comfort in Illusion

Magisterial prog/rock EP from Connecticut-based band Head with Wings

Lucky Ones

Lucky Ones - The Lucky Ones

Sublimely atmospheric debut album from Yukon country-roots band The Lucky Ones

Daydream Three

Daydream Three - The Lazy Revolution

Charming and expressive second album from Sicily’s Daydream Three, praising the joys of the simple things in life.

Burner Band

Burner Band - Signs and Wonders

Enjoyable mix of country, bluegrass and rock’n’roll from Leeds-based The Burner Band.


Huguenots - Heyford (Remastered 2021)

Delightful slice of post-punk indie pop with shades of Americana showcased in British band Huguenots’ re-issued and remastered EP. REVIEW Huguenots are the London-based duo of singer-songw

Dim Gray

Dim Gray - Flown

Post-progressive debut album from Norway’s Dim Gray, combining magical, haunting soundscapes with folk and rock

Yonder Boys

Yonder Boys - Acid Folk

Impressive new album from Berlin-based Americana band Yonder Boys which is a heady cocktail of bluegrass, folk, Latin and psychedelia

Elli De Mon

Elli De Mon - Countin’ the Blues

Stunning covers album from Italian Elli de Mon, paying tribute to the early female blues singers and songwriters

Bear of Bombay

Bear of Bombay - Something Stranger

Debut EP of synthpop soundscapes from Milanese musician and songwriter Lorenzo Parisini.

Jesse Aycock

Jesse Aycock - Jesse Aycock

Tulsa’s Jesse Aycock delivers a sublime new album encompassing country-folk, pop, rock and hints of psychedelia.

Jason Ringenberg

Jason Ringenberg - Rhinestoned

Highly enjoyable solo effort, which was recorded during the 2020 Covid lockdown, from Tennessee’s Jason Ringenberg, one of the early pioneers of alt. country

Dr Feelgood

Dr Feelgood - Greatest Hits

Electrifying double CD compilation which spans nearly fifty years of music from Canvey Island’s Dr Feelgood