Denzil Watson - Reviews

Philip Parfitt

Philip Parfitt - Mental Home Recordings

Melancholic but gently beautiful and ultimately life-affirming second solo album from former The Perfect Disaster frontman Philip Parfitt

Faerground Accidents

Faerground Accidents - Co-Morbid

Long-awaited debut album from Sheffield's psychotic popsters Faerground Accidents, but, which following in the footsteps of the Cure, Suede and Pulp and showing that alternative music can still be original, boundary-pushing and dangerous, proves very much worth the wait

Everlasting Yeah

Everlasting Yeah - Anima Rising

Fantastic debut album from the Everlasting Yeah, which formed out of the ashes of That Petrol Emotion will definitely appeal to fans of that group

Betari's Box

Betari's Box - Betari's Box EP

Strong five-song debut EP from Sheffield/Oxford-based electro-pop three-piece, Betari’s Box

Luke Haines

Luke Haines - Rock and Roll Animals

Potentially terrible but dryly witty and enjoyable concept record from ex-Auteurs and Black Box Recorder front man Luke Haines, which tells of three animals named after Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey, Nick Lowe and Gene Vincent


Goldblade - The Terror of Modern Life

Raw and explosive sixth album from always impressive punk-metal act, Goldblade

Galileo 7

Galileo 7 - Are We Having Fun Yet?

Fantastic psychedelic garage rock on debut album from Galileo 7, the new band of Allan Corckford of the Prisoners and the Solarflares

Dan Sartain

Dan Sartain - Lives

Energetic-sounding rock 'n' roll on first album in four years from Alabama-born multi-instrumentalist, Dan Sartain

Chris Olley

Chris Olley - A Streetcar Named Disaster

Stripped down and surprisingly accessible first album under his own name from formerfrotnman with abrasive Nottingham-based drone rockers, Six by Sven

Little Man Tate

Little Man Tate - Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Stunning second album and return to form from Sheffield-based group Little Man Tate, who, after a succession of disasters, and despite inevitable Arctic Monkeys comparisons, have returned with a record that owes more to the classic Britpop of Pulp


Goldblade - Mutiny

Engaging and appealing high octane punk on fifth album from dependable Manchester-based outfit, Goldblade

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare

Engaging second album of Northern cynicism from Sheffield group the Arctic Monkeys, which succesfully surpasses all of its massive hype


Cravats - Seance

Impressive return to form on first release in over 20 years from reformed avant-garde punks the Cravats, which finds them collaborating with Paul Hartnoll who was formerly with Orbital

Little Man Tate

Little Man Tate - About What You Know

Infectious and witty indie guitar pop from delightfully unpretentious Sheffield band Little Man Tate

Silent League

Silent League - Breathe

Promising debut single from New York indie act the Silent Age, whose frontman and pianist Justin Russo also provided the keyboards on Mercury Rev's 'Deserter's Songs'

Inch Blue

Inch Blue - Walking Backwards

Nostalgia-friendly Bunnymen and Chameleons-inspired EP from London-based four piece Inch Blue, which sadly brings little new to the field

Culture Industry

Culture Industry - Dj Ascetic Loves Himself Badly

Substandard avant garde art punk from London-based four piece, who include PilL, Joy Division and the Velvet Underground amongst their influences

Mint Chicks

Mint Chicks - Blue Team Go

"Messy, badly recorded, shouty punk-pop " on new 7' from Antipodean noise oiks the Mint Chicks, who last year toured Australia with the White Stripes

Luke Haines And The Auteurs

Luke Haines And The Auteurs - Das Capital

"Quite stunning" 'Best of' compilation, which finds English maverick genius Luke Haines re-recording some of the songs from his 90's band the Auteurs with the aid of a seven piece string section, and also throwing in three new songs for good measure.


Wire - Send

Far-from-pretty, butspectacular post-punk rock from the much acclaimed Wire, returning with their first new studio album in ten years