Denzil Watson - Favourite Albums


Stranglers - Black and White

In our 'Re: View' series, in which our writers examine albums from the past,Denzil Watson reflects upon the Stranglers' 1978 third album, 'Black and White'


Miscellaneous - Divan

Oedipussy was the solo project of Phil Parfitt, the frontman with Velvet Underground wannabies, ther Perfect Disaster. Denzil Watson comes across an album "truly worthy of the title of Greatest lost LP of all time" in the shape of their only album, 'Divan

That Petrol Emotion

That Petrol Emotion - Babble

Every now and again a band comes along that refashions the very fabric that rock'n'roll's rich tapestry is made from. And, as is the way, it is more often than not that it is these innovatory forces t