Evidently Spencertown - Cloudy Days

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 19 / 4 / 2017

Evidently Spencertown - Cloudy Days

Spencer Robertshaw in his 'Evidently Spencertown' poetry column reflects on the recent gas attacks in Syria


And the cloud came down A mist or vapour that took everything from all it engulfed No choice given A touch of death Evil,terror and fear Mustard,chlorine, Sarin or Venomous Agent X Nobody admits its release But the evidence is there Kicking, squirming, jerking, gasping, burning, writhing, spasm, blistered, Frothing, foaming,bloody The bastard child of a chemistry set Men in white coats Job satisfaction Do they sleep at night? A permanent solution to a temporary problem What's wrong with words? What words are wrong ? Religion Geneva convention Intervention Trump distraught But gates are still shut The wall is up Cloudy days

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