Evidently Spencertown - Welcome to Trumpton

  by Spencer Robertshaw

published: 8 / 2 / 2017

Evidently Spencertown - Welcome to Trumpton

Spencer Robertshaw returns with his 'Evidently Spencertown' poetry column and begins with two poems about Donald Trump


Welcome to Trumpton There's a new sheriff in town With golden locks and a botox proof frown He’s gonna shake things up and show them who's boss His ranch is built by his profit and your loss It takes an hour to do his hair A thatch of golden hue Several tins of hairspray And four tubes of glue He owns towers high and low That he’s never even paid for It’s those who built them that know Bankruptcy he’s made for He’s gonna build a wall around his land And chuck those Indians out Then pay the men with wages of sand And shoot the ones that shout He’s bought the finest girl he could find And puts her on display She’s been in all those fancy papers In just her skin she does lay He wants to bring back the ways of past Put those thumbscrews on And something special for those who last With some waterboarding fun So be careful what you say You might just disappear Them that tell the truth Don’t fit right with his ear America goes back in time To ways that are best forgot And the worms come out of the woodwork How many will it cause to be shot? Humpty Trumpty Humpty Trumpty built a big wall Humpty Trumpty get ready for a fall Why do Mexico have to pay? There will be blood on those bricks And bodies will lay

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