Liberty Ship - Northern Angel EP

  by Laura Branch

published: 24 / 5 / 2003

Liberty Ship - Northern Angel EP

Label: Matinee Recordings
Format: CDS
Perfect "jangly indie pop with harmonicas" from exciting new Nottingham-based group, Liberty Ship


Put down those knitting needles scenester, and listen up! The Liberty Ship are three boys and a girl from Nottingham who make jangly indie pop with harmonicas, and produce a sound akin to the warmth of a freshly baked cup cake. The title track, 'Northern Angel', seems to be a happy little ditty about that giantess of a sculpture; and by crikey will it burrow into your long-term memory like an inquisitive ferret. SARS my arse, this is a right catchy little scamp of a song! Their lead singer, Mr Elston, sounds a little like a rough-around-the-edges Dickon Edwards as he wails, “Northern angel’s on my mind mind mind” – and now mine too! And soon, yours! Liberty Ship? There’s an indie pop tugboat tyranny in my head! But of the nicest possible kind. 'This World' sounds rather more downcast as they mourn, “Not everyone can be of this world”, blimey, I don’t know if I want to think about this for too long or else my universe will start to crumble. My serotonin levels pick up again with 'Final Kick'. Ah. That’s more like it – clear girly vocals and classic jangling guitars. Lovely. And finally, 'Small Lives' sounds as if the Liberty Ship recorded this lying on a bed – idly singing to us whilst thumbing through the Sunday supplements, prodding a synth and strumming the odd guitar. It will make you sit in your armchair and reflect over a cup of tea and a custard cream, as all the Bright Young Things are doing these days.  And if you require further proof that this is good – I missed Big Brother all in the name of the Liberty Ship. Oh yes. Now that is love.

Track Listing:-

1 Northern Angel
2 This World
3 Final Kick
4 Small Lives

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