Benjamin Howarth - Reviews

John Howard

John Howard - To The Left Of The Moon's Reflection

Contemplative, experimental and highly rewarding seventeenth album from singer-songwriter, pianist and writer John Howard


Apartments - In and Out of the Light

On his second ‘comeback’ album after 2015’s acclaimed ‘‘No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal’, Peter Milton Walsh offers up a collection of songs that rival any since his band the Apartments’ first releases in 1978

Ben Bedford

Ben Bedford - Portraits

Storytelling folksinger Ben Bedford compiles some of the best tracks from his first three albums, which serves as a reminder of just how compelling a songwriter he is

GF Patrick

GF Patrick - One Town Over

Americana singer-songwriter GF Patrick and his band pack everything they have into this compelling debut collection, which appears to be structured like a live show, with the best songs left until last

Matt Hill

Matt Hill - Savage Pilgrims

Compelling fifth album and first under his his own name from former Quiet Loner frontman and 'storytelling singer-songwriter' Matt Hill which finds him moving away from the alt. country of his past recordings and into folk


Imbeciles - The Imbeciles

Underdeveloped but fiery post-punk/hardcore on debut album from enigmatic group the Imbeciles

Basia Bulat

Basia Bulat - Are  You in Love?

Memorable and distinctive folk pop on first album in four years from Canadian singer-songwriter Basia Bulat

Della Mae

Della Mae - Headlight

Fabulous combination of anger and rock on new album from feminist bluegrass trio Della Mae

Salt House

Salt House - Huam

Spellbinding third album from folk trio Salt House which combines original material with reworkings of poems

Robert Rotifer

Robert Rotifer - About Us

Bleak but passionate reflection on Brexit from Robert Rotifer, who although Austrian-born has spent the last two decades living in the UK


Unthanks - Lines

Extraordinary three CD latest album which combines elements of jazz and modern classical music as well as traditional folk and sets to music the work of several poets

John Howard

John Howard - Cut the Wire

John Howard's twelfth album since his 2005 comeback finds him merging his many influences into an assured and consistent set of songs

Mozes and the Firstborn

Mozes and the Firstborn - Dadcore

Enjoyable album of 90s-influenced indie rock aimed at the paternal demographic from Eindhoven four piece Mozes and the Firstborn

Raoul Vignal

Raoul Vignal - Oak Leaf

Enthralling second album from French acoustic singer-songwriter Raoul Vignal which is influenced by jazz and ambient music

Julia Kent

Julia Kent - Temporal

Impressive combination of classical music, post-rock and ambience from New York-based cellist Julia Kent

Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas - Immortal Americans

First-rate new album from Indiana-based singer-songwriter Austin Lucas which proves to be one of the best folk/Americana records in recent memory

Eric Bachmann

Eric Bachmann - No Recover

Minimalist but haunting second solo album from ex-Crooked Fingetrs frontman and Americian producer and musician Eric Bachmann

Marla and David Celia

Marla and David Celia - Daydreamers

Appealing country rock on third album from German/Canadian singer-songwriter duo, Marla and David Celia


Picturebox - Escapes

Unpredictable and psychedelic-influenced latest album from Canterbury-based cult band Picturebox

Robert Rotifer

Robert Rotifer - They Don’t Love You Back

Remarkable solo album from Robert Rotifer, one of the records in WIAIWYA's new 77 project each consisting of a 77 minute track, upon which the Austrian-born singer-songwriter who has been Kent-based for the last 20 years reflects how post-Brexit he no longer has guaranteed status in the UK