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Pennyblackmusic - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

Having begun writing for Pennyblack at the same time as he collected his GCSE results, Ben Howarth has now been writing for the site almost as long as it has been around. As we approach our 20th birthday, he selects in 'Ten Songs That Made Me love...' some of the songs that sum up his experience.


Miscellaneous - August 2016

In the first in his 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column in a year, Ben Howarth looks at a trio of albums that suggest there is still plenty to listen to for someone feeling out of touch with the modern music scene.


Miscellaneous - May 2015

A new study claims to prove that the Beatles’ influence was overstated. In his regular 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column, Ben Howarth wonders whether that’s really the whole story.


Miscellaneous - July 2015

In his latest 'Condemned To Rock and Roll' column, Ben Howarth asks what the imminent transition of the 'NME' to a freesheet tells us about the state of modern pop music


Miscellaneous - April 2015

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' examines Jay-Z's new streaming service and Spotify rival, Tidal


Miscellaneous - February 2015

In 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' Ben Howarth reflects on recent UK government legislation towards the growing problem of ticket touts


Miscellaneous - December 2014

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' looks at the recent rise in vinyl sales and asks how this will effect CD sales


Miscellaneous - September 2014

With both Peter Frampton and Kate Bush having asked their fans to not use their phones at their shows, Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' examines the issue of mobile phone photography and filming at gigs


Miscellaneous - October 2014

With the UK Top 40 now in complete chaos, Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' ask if rock as we traditionally know it is dead


Miscellaneous - November 2014

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' examines Taylor Swift's decision to withdraw her music from Spotify


Miscellaneous - August 2014

In 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll', Ben Howarth writes about his increasing hatred of synthesizer music.

Darren Hayman

In 'Ten Songs that Made Me Love...', Ben Howarth writes of his favourite songs by singer-songwriter and ex-Hefner front man, Darren Hayman


Miscellaneous - July 2014

In 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll', Ben Howarth reflects on the BBC's wall-to-wall coverage of this year's Glastonbury


Miscellaneous - June 2014

In 'Condemnned to Rock 'n' Roll' Ben Howarth's reflects on YouTube and Spotify's impact on rock music


Miscellaneous - May 2014

With its twentieth anniversary having just taken place, Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' reflects on the now routinely derided Britop movement and asks if it was negative as it is is often portrayed


Miscellaneous - April 2014

In 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll', Ben Howarth examines the connections between sport and music


Miscellaneous - March 2014

After David Bowie's outspoken comments at the The Brits in February, Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' asks why so few bands or other musicians have failed to engage in the Scottish Independence debate


Miscellaneous - February 2014

In his regular 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' column Ben Howarth questions the worth and value of the much-hyped BBC Sound of 2014 newcomers' poll


Miscellaneous - November 2013

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' reflects on Shearwater's new album and covers record, 'Fellow Travelers'


Miscellaneous - October 2013

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' asks the announcement of this year's Mercury Music Prize nominees there are no folk, jazz or classical albums on the list