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Miscellaneous - Ticket Rewind

n the latest edition to our column 'Ticket Rewind', our Swedish writer tommy Gunnarsson looks back at some of his old concert tickets and the memories associated with them.


Pennyblackmusic - Ten Songs That Made Me Love....

Tommy Gunnarsson takes us on a wonderful stroll through his long backlist of reviews and interviews for Pennyblackmusic, by way of ten indiepop classics - or in some cases should-be-classics.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

In '10 Songs That Made Me Love...', Tommy Gunnarsson boils down his love for New York based band The Magnetic Fields to just ten songs, which is easier said than done


Miscellaneous - R.E.M, Grand Hotel, Stockholm, November 1998

In 'Gig of a Lifetime', in which a different Pennyblackmusic writer writes of a once in a lifetime gig, Tommy Gunnarsson describes attending a fan club only R.E.M. gig in Stockhom in 1998


Miscellaneous - A History and Personal Perspective Part 2

WHICH ALBUMS TO OWN FROM THE C86 ERA Back to the music now. As you probably have understood by now, there are many many albums and singles available from the C86-era, and although many of them are good, and often very good, there are some that are less


Miscellaneous - A History and Personal Perspective Part 1

When reading about your indie-pop favourites, you have probably quite often stumbled across the term"C86". And maybe you have wondered what it means. Is it a cassette that is 86 minutes long? Is it a guitar model? Is it a drum machine?