Bonham-Bullick - Bonham-Bullick

  by Zena Grieg

published: 12 / 4 / 2022

Bonham-Bullick - Bonham-Bullick

Label: Quarto Valley Records
Format: CD
Eclectic covers album from Deborah Bonham, the younger sister of Led Zeppelin Drummer John Bonham, and her guitarist husband Peter Bullick


Acclaimed singer-songwriter Deborah Bonham, younger sister of the late, iconic Led Zeppelin Drummer John Bonham, and guitarist husband Peter Bullick, with their band and special guests, have released a new album. Produced by Bonham and mixed during the pandemic by Tim Oliver at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios,’Bonham-Bullick’ features covers of songs spanning seven decades, traversing blues, soul and rock, a musical journey exploring classic and lesser-known compositions by legendary musicians including Sam Cooke, JohnnieTaylor, Albert King, Ann Peebles, Betty Harris and OV Wright as well as more contemporary artists such as Mark Lanegan, Bernard Fowler and Chris Wilson. Selected according to - in Bonham’s words - “What we could bring to it”, each song is imprinted by a fresh musical complexion and invigorating sound. Songs to look out for in this thirteen-track collection include: the Celtic-flavoured opener, performed live post-recording ‘See You Again’, highlighting Bonham’s dynamic vocals against emotive lyrics: “I need to ask when will I see you again”; the single ‘Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me?’; ‘Bleeding Muddy Water’ with its ethereal vibe; and the powerful, dark and moving closer ‘The Changeling’. Ecelctic, a colourful set of very different compositions interpreted in the same style, underpinned and unified by similar instrumentation on each song, this innovative project songbook ‘Bonham-Bullick’ is a vibrant, accomplished collection, soon to be showcased in the band’s UK and Europe tour commencing April 6 with an intended US tour in the autumn.

Track Listing:-

1 See You Again
2 I Had A Dream
3 See What Youre Doing To Me
4 Bleeding Muddy Water
5 I Dont Know Why
6 Trouble Blues
7 Sit Yourself Down
8 Ill Get Along
9 When This World Comes To An End
10 When It Dont Come Easy
11 What Did I Do Wrong
12 It Aint Easy
13 The Changeling

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