Naked Lunch - All is Fever

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 9 / 3 / 2013

Naked Lunch - All is Fever

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Lavish-sounding ninth album from experimental Austrian-based group, the Naked Lunch


Naked Lunch were formed as far back 1990. They have been touring and making records since then, but they have never really made it in Britain. They were however, picked up by One Little Indian at one point, and they got the breakthrough they were hunting for in the States by being sent across the pond, only to get so bladdered that they performed the worst gig of their lives at a showcase show in front of all the USA's finest. This offering on Tapete Records is the Austrian-based band's ninth album, give or take a few EPs, and it shows. The sound and production are akin to a band of that their sort of age, but still proves to be surprisingly intriguing in places. It kicks off with a long intro of 'Keep it Hardcore', and then moves into the brilliant, big production and Spector-esque wall-of-sound 'The Sun'. If you like your music tinged with Spiritualised overtones, then this album isn't going to disappoint. 'Shine On' is straight out of that school, while 'Lonely Boy' is reminiscent of the kind of Smashing Pumpkins ballad that might be found on 'Infinite Sadness'. The big production numbers continues with '41', which incorporates a Flying Pickets a capella intro, before bursting out at the midway point. 'Over It' is a mix of Coldplay and Spiritualised mix. For me , however, the album's strongest track is the final one, 'The Funeral'. This sad song recalls the Streets and seems to question where we go from here after the central character desperately loses someone close ("Three days ago when I found you in the bedroom/Your skin so cold and eyes open wide"). Some profound issues and feelings are explored in this nicely put together album. The four piece of Stefan Deisenberger, Alex Jezdsinsky, Oliver Welter and Herwig Zamernik have created yet another lyrically and musically well executed album. Is it good enough to break out all over the UK? I don't see why not. They just need to lay off the booze when they get off the boat in Dover...

Track Listing:-

1 Keep It Hardcore
2 The Sun
3 At The Lovecourt
4 Shine On
5 Dreaming Hiroshima
6 My Lonely Boy
7 41
8 Hammer It All
9 Over It
10 The Funeral

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