Lydia Brownfield - Dig

  by Zena Grieg

published: 1 / 3 / 2022

Lydia Brownfield - Dig

Label: Lydia Broomfield
Format: CD
Versatile and reflective album from Ohio-based singer-songwriter and emerging talent Lydia Brownfield inspired by romantic break-up and divorce


Ohio-based singer-songwriter Lydia Brownfield has self- released ‘Dig’, an album showcasing her own compositions. Featuring emotional ballads, produced by Brownfield and Fred Blitzer, it is distinguished by finely-honed, insightful lyrics and an interesting mix of genres. Themes include disillusionment, depression, romantic break-ups, charting a life of highs and lows, from her emergence on the music scene through two divorces. In Brownfield’s words: “‘Dig’ is about love. And my search within my own patterns of relationships to better understand some of the mistakes I’ve made regarding love. Falling hard in it. Navigating between what my head wants and my heart wants. The lightness it brings with it, and the darkness it leaves when it disappears.” A versatile musician, Brownfield also plays electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, synths and piano on the album. The thirteen tracks are in tune with how Brownfield thinks her music should be: “Songs are puzzles or paintings that sometimes take me years to complete. Getting each word exactly right, each thought narrowed down to perfectly convey its intention, deleting more and more of the bullshit until the lyric is free from all things non-essential.” Highlights include: the emotive, spiralling opener ‘We Are Bound’, set against delicate vocals; the pacy punk rock ‘Death Do Us Part’; the raw, insinuating ‘Against The Light’; the catchy, country-folk ‘Say You Understand’, highlighting her strong vocals; the dreamlike meditation on fear and loss ‘Everything’s Out There’; the hypnotic, beat-driven ‘Hurricane’ with its angry, remorseful lyrics on falling for the wrong guy; and the evocative country ‘Windsong And Country Smoke’ nostalgically recalling a time when divorce and money were not an integral part of living. An emerging talent to look out for, Brownfield should gain a wider following with this new reflective and multifaceted collection.

Track Listing:-

1 We Are Bound
2 Death Do Us Part
3 Against the Light
4 Broken
5 Say You Understand
6 Everything out There
7 Love: Forever
8 The Digger
9 Things I've Done
10 Hurricane
11 Windsong & Cigarette Smoke
12 Just Like Love
13 Holding Hands

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