Yonder Boys - Acid Folk

  by Julie Cruickshank

published: 5 / 7 / 2021

Yonder Boys - Acid Folk

Label: Blue Whale Records
Format: CD
Impressive new album from Berlin-based Americana band Yonder Boys which is a heady cocktail of bluegrass, folk, Latin and psychedelia


Yonder Boys have been making waves on the Americana scene and their new album ‘Acid Folk’ showcases their versatility. Although Berlin-based their name reflects a truly international fusion - guitarist Jason Serious is American, David Stewart Ingleton on banjo hails from Australia and Tomas Peralta, a master of lapsteel, bass, banjo and mandolin is from Chile. All three contribute to vocals, and the album travelled the globe to be made - it was recorded by Tomas Peralta in Berlin, mixed by Tucker Martine in Portland, Oregon and mastered by Doug Van Sloun in Omaha, Nebraska. Onstage they have supported such luminaries as Billy Bragg and The Wood Brothers. The opening track, ‘Rabbit Song’, written by Ingleton has a lovely folk/bluegrass sound silkily overlaid with vocal harmonies strongly reminiscent of The Band. The next track, ‘Mumma’s Boy’, again credited to Ingleton is the standout track of the album, a storming banjo-led bluegrass stomper. This is followed by ‘Eagle Song’, a pretty acoustic number by Serious, with wistful reflective lyrics: “Oh to be fast and free/And glide on top of the world/I met you once in an Islington pub/And you said it all comes down to love.” The next track, ‘New Bohemians’ features fine fretwork on banjo and more pleasing harmonies. ‘Look at What You Done’ is another nifty bluegrass number, short but sweet. ‘High on a Mountain’ throws tuba, trumpet and harmonica into the mix, an unusual melange which somehow works. Final track ‘Il Pesce Spada (The Swordfish)’ is a slightly psychedelic and atmospheric evocation of the seas around Sicily, inspired by a tour the band undertook around the island. A fine album from a trio of gifted musicians and songwriters, expect ‘Acid Folk’ to earn Yonder Boys many new admirers within and without the Americana scene.

Track Listing:-

1 Rabbit Song
2 Mumma's Boy
3 Eagle Song
4 New Bohemians
5 The Great American Pussy Grab
6 Look At What You Done
7 High on a Mountain
8 Mosey on Down
9 House Carpenter
10 Il Pesce Spada

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