Jesse Aycock - Jesse Aycock

  by Julie Cruickshank

published: 5 / 5 / 2021

Jesse Aycock - Jesse Aycock

Label: Horton Records
Format: CD
Tulsa’s Jesse Aycock delivers a sublime new album encompassing country-folk, pop, rock and hints of psychedelia.


Jesse Aycock, who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has in recent years travelled the world performing with the band Hard Working Americans, and also Elizabeth Cook and The Secret Sisters, as well as touring with Scott Hirsch, John Fullbright, Travis Linville and Samantha Crain. He has previously released solo albums 'Life's Ladder' in 2005, 'Inside Out of Blue' in 2010 and 'Flowers & Wounds' in 2012. His new, self-titled album showcases his skills as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Jesse says, “This album is a little more personal and vulnerable than my previous albums. That’s partly why I decided to release it as self-titled.” The album opens with 'Shed the Light,' pleasant mid-tempo rock reflecting on the healing powers of light: "Blessed are the ones who share the light/Even in the darkest days and nights." This is followed by standout track 'Wreck Like You', which employs a Mellotron to enhance its mournful slow-paced atmosphere: "Why is it that I/Seem so split inside/I'm a wreck like you". Jesse's voice eerily resembles John Lennon's, as on the next two tracks 'In Light', another slow soul-searcher: ("Flipped like a coin/Face down in the dirt/Can't make heads or tails/Is this gonna hurt") and the impressive piano-led 'Passing Days' with its Beatles-que guitar solo. Track 5, 'High Hopes', is a mid-tempo rock standard which although a little restrained on the album will, I suspect, be a more upbeat stormer when played live. This is followed by 'Sadder Than a Sunset', a beautiful, mellow country-folk track with meditative, resigned lyrics: "Flicker of a streetlamp/Have another nightcap/Sadder than a sunset/When you ain't got time to lose." The pace quickens again on next track 'Past Life', before a quartet of gorgeous, slow country tracks: 'Roll South', 'Second Chances Better Luck', ''Broken Rhymes' and 'Snow Angels'. 'Broken Rhymes' is particularly lovely, slide guitar swirling around and through vocals from Jesse and Lauren Barth. The pace picks up again on next track 'Under the Gun', shimmering with psychedelic slightly discordant guitar, before closing with the dreamy, haunting 'Woodland Park', wrapped in sweet ribbons of slide guitar. Engineered and mixed by Jason Weinheimer, the album also features bassist Aaron Boehler, drummer Paddy Ryan and keyboardist John Fullbright, as well as contributions from Allison Moorer, Lauren Barth and Jason Crosby. 'Jesse Aycock', the album, is released by Horton Records. Made in Tulsa, its logo says proudly. Indeed with its fine musicianship and production this is a set of songs to be proud of.

Track Listing:-

1 Shed the Light
2 Wreck Like You
3 In Light
4 Passing Days
5 High Hopes
6 Sadder Than a Sunset
7 Past Life
8 Roll South
9 Second Chances Better Luck
10 Broken Rhymes
11 Snow Angels
12 Under the Gun
13 Woodland Park

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