St Vitus Dance - Bystanders

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 12 / 1 / 2013

St Vitus Dance - Bystanders

Label: Probe Plus
Format: CD
Strong third album from Liverpool-based Irish band St Vitus Dance, whose singer Noel Burke replaced Ian McCulloch in Echo and The Bunnymen in late eighties and early nineties


'Bystanders' is the third album from the Liverpool-based Irish band St Vitus Dance, which is fronted by Noel Burke, who stepped into Ian McCulloch's shoes for six years in 1987 when he didn't want to be a Bunnyman any more. 'Gospel Oak' is a catchy pop number, with a 'Revolver'-style edge and a little bit of a Byrds- like country vibe. 'St John's Garden's is softer and again has a country vibe. It is like Johnny Cash on a sad trip, but is as catchy as Aztec Camera, or the softer moments of Neil Young. 'Circumstances' is funky in a 1970's way, a gentle toe tapper. 'Landslide' is as gentle as sparkling water,but has a fizz about it, like a decent walk on a summer sunshine-filled day. 'A Lot to Learn' again has that summer sunshine vibe to it, but it also has a cool swagger to the tune in itss engine. 'Great Divide' has more of a mood to it. Sad strings give it more pain, which add joy to the final journey. Soft psychedelic organ edges the tune on, giving it a somewhat Tindersticks like-landscape. 'Trojan Security' has a strong lead vocal and acoustic guitar work, aginst which the band harmonise perfectly. 'Prester John' is much like the Byrds but in a more psychedelic, mystical way. 'Devil May Care' is almost a Saturday night sing-a-long, but much more country and soul flavoured. It ends with 'Leaning', which has a strong story and is much more eerie than the other tracks. Neil's vocal that holds its audience, and it has great instrumentation including Bunnymen-like guitar which holds its notes well. A good, solid album all around

Track Listing:-

1 Gospel Oak
2 St John's Gardens
3 Circumstances
4 Landslide
5 A lot to learn
6 Great Divide
7 Trojan Security
8 Prester John
9 Devil May care
10 Leaning

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