Of Arrowe Hill - The Stars Are Against Us

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 10 / 7 / 2012

Of Arrowe Hill - The Stars Are Against Us

Label: Ouija Board Entertainment
Format: CDS
Emotionally intense but thoroughly moving and epic-sounding download only single from of Arrowe Hill, the project of London-based singer-songwriter Adam Easterbrook


of Arrowe Hill’s Adam Easterbrook has been a prolific chap over the last few years; upping the band’s discography from three to soon-to-be six at a rate of an album a year. This latest single comes from his upcoming LP, ‘Love Letters, Hate Mail & The Haunted Self’ ‘The Stars Are Against Us’ is a five minute mini-epic in three parts; the opening section a wistful testament to a loss of control even while struggling to get it back – “The stars are against us/Did everything that we were able/No time for hiding under tables” A minute and a half into the track, the tempo switches up a gear with a stomping rhythm; a more forthright and aggressive sound to accompany a more directly challenging vocal: “I wasn’t surprised/Nothing was right, Just left outside...looking back, I find you here/Is it over?” The song switches again in the final third, into a psychedelic swirl of backwards sounds and layered instruments and vocals which almost fight against each other for dominance. There is a rawness and an almost tangible pain to it that gives the song a really affecting power. It closes with a reprise of the first section, Easterbrook repeating “the stars are against us” with what almost sounds like a begrudging acceptance. One gets the feeling that, with ‘Love Letters, Hate Mail & The Haunted Self,’ of Arrowe Hill have really opened themselves up. If this first single is anything to go by, it will be an emotionally intense listen, but a thoroughly moving and rewarding one. The single is available to download between the 23rd and 30th July, with the album to follow shortly after.

Track Listing:-

1 The Stars Are Against Us

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