Soft Hills - The Bird is Coming Down to Earth

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 7 / 12 / 2011

Soft Hills - The Bird is Coming Down to Earth

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Thoughtful and atmospheric blending of folk, psychedelia and ambience on second album from Seattle-based band, the Soft Hills


Imagine a journey to a musical nether land. The Soft Hills from Seattle travel the road from folk to psychedelic to ambient and sometimes evoke all at once. On their new album 'The Bird is Coming Down to Earth', the Soft Hills combine pure easy melodies with thoughtful experimentation. The band is Garrett Hobba, Brittan Drake, Randall Skrasek and Brett Massa. On 'Phoenix' lovely harmony vocals and well woven instrumentals create a beautiful mood. The sound somehow brings to mind the band the Eagles on mild hallucinogens. The lyrics present an invitation: “You can ride with us any time you want/We can journey to the end of the night/Just enjoy the scenes and you’ll be doing fine.” The Soft Hills create something of a mystical church where music is holy. 'Return to Eden' speaks of being “born again in the cosmic stream.” 'Midnight Owls' is laced with haunting melancholy and closes with a nod to space age sound. 'River Boat' is an earthbound psychedelia tinged odyssey, and on 'Tidal Waves' the deeply hypnotic groove morphs into a noise rock collage- unique, yet welcoming. 'Purple Moon' shimmers with folk comfort; a moody eerie tune that reaches out to its muse: “You’re like morning dew/I want to drink from your fountain.” These are easy going soul healing tunes. The electric guitar on 'It Won’t Be Long' positively trembles. 'Falling Leaves', the closer is rainy day music, well suited for Seattle’s climate as the lyrics speak of a better day: “Calm the trouble in your mind.”

Track Listing:-

1 Phoenix
2 Days When We Were Young and Free
3 Midnight Owls
4 River Boat
5 Tidal Waves
6 Chosen One
7 Purple Moon
8 Return to Eden
9 It Wont Be Long
10 Falling Leaves

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