Bloc Party - Mercury

  by Maarten Schiethart

published: 25 / 8 / 2008

Bloc Party - Mercury

Label: Wichita
Format: CDS
Strong new single from Bloc Party, the first from their new 'Intimacy' album, which comes in several versions, but which is unfortunately ruined by an appalling set of remixes on its B-sides


I was not too keen on Bloc Party's previous full-length albums. Kele Okereke's vocals seem a tad bit whining, but on this new single there's this excellent brass arrangement that chases him like mad, making his performance urgent and vital (again). It comes with several remixes. The first remix is a big in sound with moog riffs all over the place and will sound fabulous at the local schoolyard. There are more cheap, adolescent kicks on the CSS remix. It is much rather an MTV sound-edit than a remix. In all its stupidity the CSS edit isn't even funny. I couldn't manage to listen all the way through it. The smell of an overdose of cheap aftershave got the better of me. Closing off this unwanted set of mixes is Flosstradamus who must have thought he or she came with a really clever alias. It's slightly better than the previous 2 mixes, with a clubhouse touch. Get the 7-inch single with the surprising 'Idea For A Story' on the B-Side which has an accordéon leading to a techno sailor song. Forget about those other versions. The 12-inch mix takes a bit too long too.

Track Listing:-

1 Mercury
2 Idea For A Story

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