Bloc Party


Rock City, Nottingham, 2/2/2016

Bloc Party - Rock City, Nottingham, 2/2/2016

Dave Goodwin finds Rock City in Nottingham is the latest venue to witness Bloc Party back to their best, who were headlining the latest 'NME' tour


Hymns (2016)
Bloc Party - Hymns

Impressive and infectious return-to-form on experimental fifth album from London-based band, Bloc Party,

Talons (2008)
Bloc Party - Talons

Second single from Bloc Party's 'Intimacy' album, which comes with a fine set of remixes

Mercury (2008)
Bloc Party - Mercury

Strong new single from Bloc Party, the first from their new 'Intimacy' album, which comes in several versions, but which is unfortunately ruined by an appalling set of remixes on its B-sides

Silent Alarm (2005)
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

Excellent debut album from the much acclaimed Bloc Party, which proves to be "a groovy post-punk album for the emo kids"

Helicopter (2004)
Bloc Party - Helicopter

Excellent new single on the Wichita label from popular London-based art rockers Bloc Party, who have their debut album out at the beginning of next year



Operator Please
Interview Operator Please - Interview

Five piece-teenage Australian group have just released their debut album, 'Yes, Yes Vindicative' and have played support slots with Bloc Party, the Go! Team and Maximo Park. Sarah Maybank chats to front woman Amandah Wilkinson about her group's intense self-discipline


Donkey Punch Miscellaneous - Donkey Punch

With a strong soundtrack that swings from Peter, Bjorn and John to Bloc Party, Sarah Maybank finds much to enjoy in claustrophobic new British thriller, 'Donkey Punch'


Kiss Me Deadly
Zaphods, Ottawa, 10/12/2005 Miscellaneous - Zaphods, Ottawa, 10/12/2005

Indie pop dance rockers Kiss Me Deadly recently toured North America with Bloc Party. Despite singer Emily Elizabeth feeling ill, Andrew Carver nevertheless watches them play a lively set on the last date of a headlining tour

Bloc Party/Patrick Wolf
Exeter University Great Hall, Exeter, 26/10/2005 Rock Four - Exeter University Great Hall, Exeter, 26/10/2005

Bloc Party have as many detractors as they do admirers, but in Exeter University's Great Hall Ben Howarth watches them defy their critics and pitch a perfect set appealing to all levels of fans from casual Top 40 listeners to indie geeks


Gimme Indie Rock
Hilarious Consequences Miscellaneous - Hilarious Consequences

In ‘Gimme Indie Rock’, in which he looks for the best of alternative rock, Jamie Rowland examines Babak Ganjei’s graphic novel, ‘Hilarious Consequences’ and accompanying musical soundtrack which includes tracks from Ganjei's own band Wet Paint, Singing Adams and Bloc Party’s Matthew Tong