Nik Kershaw - You've Got to Laugh

  by Tommy Gunnarsson

published: 1 / 6 / 2008

Nik Kershaw - You've Got to Laugh

Label: Short House
Format: CD
Latest comeback album from 80's star, Nik Kershaw, who still shows the knack for writing unpredictable chord changes and the occasional great tune


First of all, does anyone remember Nik Kershaw ? If I say 'The Riddle', 'Human Racing' and 'I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me', then you probably will. Actually, I think Nik deserves more than that. The fact that he’s always mentioned along with all those brief hits of the 80’s is very sad. If you listen to his first two albums,1986's 'Human Racing' and 1986's 'The Riddle' they are packed with great songs. Nik really had a talent for writing weird and unpredictable tunes. Then, in the early 90’s, Nik disappeared, and started writing songs for other acts instead, and most notably the smash hit 'The One and Only' for Chesney Hawkes. A few years ago, he returned as an artist in his own right, and this is his third album of the 21st century. The first feeling I had when I listened to the album is that he sounds on it just like in the golden ages, but that the songs are a bit more standard, which was a disappointment. But after a few more listens, the songs really grew on me, and I start to realize that Nik still has that talent of writing weird chord changes. It’s just that he doesn’t do it that often anymore. I stumbled upon Nik’s own website and blog when I researched this album, and he wrote that he doubted that anyone would buy this album (he released it on his own label), and that makes me a bit sad. I really hope that he is wrong, not because this is a fantastic album (because it’s not, really), but because Nik Kershaw deserves it. Run to your local record store and buy a compilation of his old stuff, because you deserve it.

Track Listing:-

1 Can't get arrested
2 Oh you beautiful thing
3 Lost
4 All about you
5 Promises,promises
6 I hope you're happy now
7 Old house
8 Yeah, yeah
9 Born yesterday
10 Loud, confident & wrong
11 She could be the one
12 You don't have to be the sun

Visitor Comments:-

514 Posted By: M, The Netherlands on 10 Dec 2011
You wrote that Nik Kershaw's album You've Got To Laugh isn't fantastic? You really do not like his music. That album is so good, only the music is a little less than in 1984. And he is older now, your can hear it, but it isn't 1984 anymore. Fantastic lyrics, good melodies, I give this album 5 stars, or A+.

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