Tindersticks - Royal Festival Hall, London, 3/5/2008

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 24 / 5 / 2008

Tindersticks - Royal Festival Hall, London, 3/5/2008

Anthony Strutt watches Tindersticks, back with a new line-up and their first album in five years, play a fine set of dark melancholia at the Royal Festival Hall in London


Tindersticks are one of my favourite bands of all time, but, to be honest, the group on stage tonight at the Royal Festival Hall are not Tindersticks as there are only three people on stage that were members of the original band. As Tindersticks Mark 2 they, however, do a fine job, The main hall of The Royal Festival Hall is pretty much full, and what we get offered is as good as anything done by the original band, but puts more of a full-on emphasis on brass and strings, which uplifts the sound of the group. The first seven songs in the set are the first seven songs on their newly released album, ‘The Hungry Saw’. They carry on and finally play everything off the new album, adding another ten songs to the main set, which are all delivered in a now smoke free zone.The band were famous for smoking on stage. Singer Stuart Staples and former bassist Mark Colwill would have cigarettes hanging from their mouths for most of the set, so it seems strange to see them without them. The audience soak the main set up, but it isn't until the first encore of My Sister’ that they go really mad. Other highlights include a near perfect ‘Travelling Light’ as well as an airing of their now rare as hell, 2008 tour only one side 7 inch of ‘What Are We Fighting For ?’ The band play for a mere 90 minutes their dark and moody reflections on the world, but they are as good as life itself and perfect for this Saturday night. Set List: Introduction Yesterday's Tomorrow Flicker of a Little Girl Feel the Sun, E-Type Other Side of the World The Organist Entertains Dying Slowly If You’re Looking for a Way Out Sleepy Song Say Goodbye to the City Travelling Light The Hungry Saw Mother Dear Boobar All the Love The Turns We Too What Are We Fighting For ? Encore 1 : My Sister Hey, Don't You Cry ? Encore 2 : Her, She's Gone

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Tindersticks - Royal Festival Hall, London, 3/5/2008

Tindersticks - Royal Festival Hall, London, 3/5/2008

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