Interview (2008)

Tindersticks - Interview

Melancholicists Tindersticks are returning in April with their first new studio album in five years, 'The Hungry Saw'. Anthony Strutt speaks to frontman Stuart Staples about it and why the band stripped down from a six piece to a three piece for its making


Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 2/5/2016

Tindersticks - Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, 2/5/2016

Dixie Ernill at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester watches Nottingham-based alternative rockers Tindersticks play a stunning two set gig, one of consisting old material and one of their entire latest album 'The Waiting Room', which comes accompanied by a short film for each song

Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 25/3/2010

Tindersticks - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 25/3/2010

Antony Strutt finds the reformed Tindersticks to have lost none of their class or style at a gig to promote their new album 'The Hungry Saw', the second since they got back together

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London, 9/3/2010

Tindersticks - Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London, 9/3/2010

The son of Paul McCartney, James McCartney recently played two nights at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London, Anthony Strutt watches him play a solid set of largely alternative rock and finds him to be a solid performer who deserves his own audience

Bridgewater Hall,Manchester, 4/10/2008

Tindersticks - Bridgewater Hall,Manchester, 4/10/2008

At an extraordinaru show at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, Dixie Ernill witnesses Tindersticks play one of the greatest concerts he has seen in nearly 20 years of regular gig going

Royal Festival Hall, London, 3/5/2008

Tindersticks - Royal Festival Hall, London, 3/5/2008

Anthony Strutt watches Tindersticks, back with a new line-up and their first album in five years, play a fine set of dark melancholia at the Royal Festival Hall in London

London Blackheath Halls

Tindersticks - London Blackheath Halls

I have always enjoyed the music of Tindersticks, and with the release of their new album 'Can Our Love'on Beggars' Banquet, it sees the band back on form after the disappointing 'A Simple Pleasure'. Blackheath Halls is a nice venue to see the band for me.


The Something Rain (2012)
Tindersticks - The Something Rain

Fine latest album from the much acclaimed Tindersticks, which proves to be slight departure from their usual sound

Falling Down a Mountain (2010)
Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain

Excellent eighth album of often surprisingly upbeat rock from notoriously melancholic Nottingham-based group, Tindersticks

Boobar Come Back to Me (2008)
Tindersticks - Boobar Come Back to Me

Captivating new vinyl single from Tindersticks which while unlikely to win them any new fans further still consolidates their reputation

The Hungry Saw (2008)
Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw

Excellent vinyl only comeback single and title track from their new album for Tindersticks, which has an exceptional B side

The Hungry Saw (2008)
Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw

Superb first Tindersticks album in five years, which recalls much of their past, but also brings something distinctive and new to the sound

Waiting For The Moon (2003)
Tindersticks - Waiting For The Moon

Familiar, yet also occasionally surprising latest collection of "agonised beauty and heartache" from the Tindersticks, who continue on their sixth album to make a success out of failure

Can Our Love (2001)
Tindersticks - Can Our Love

You’d think the flirtations with tasty faux-soul on 1999’s ‘Simple Pleasures’ would have lent Tindersticks some of the resilience of ‘What’s Going On?’ or ‘Let’s Stay Together’. But as their fifth LP



Last Harbour
Interview Last Harbour - Interview

Melancholic, brooding and thoughtful , Last Harbour have drawn comparisions with Arab Strap, Nick Cave, Low and Tindersticks. John Clarkson speaks to the band about their recently released debut full-length album 'The Host of Wild Creatures'


Lucky Dog Recordings
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Lucky Dog Recordings is the new label of Tindersticks fromt man Stuart A. Staples. Anthony Strutt profiles it and its first two very limited edition releases


Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 25/3/2010 Villagers - Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 25/3/2010

Anthony Strutt watches Irish group and recent Domino signings Villagers play an impressive and sold set of harmonic folk rock at show in support of Tindersticks at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London


Trouble Every Day Teen Idols / Spread - Trouble Every Day

....while in our second film review of the month, he examines French director Claire Denis's oddball arthouse horror curiosity 'Trouble Every Day', which has been scored by Tindersticks