Pigeon Detectives - Wait for me

  by Stuart Leech

published: 9 / 7 / 2007

Pigeon Detectives - Wait for me

Label: Dance To The Radio
Format: CD
Fast paced but versatile debut album from hard touring Leeds-based band the Pigeon Detectives, who are currently NME's flavour of the month


I heard about the Pigeon Detectives long before they became another NME flavour of the month, a band that had a formidable live reputation which long preceded the release of this debut album. 'Wait for Me' is a hark back to the shout along pop punk classics of the 1970's when the political message thinned out and bands such as the Buzzcocks started defining their careers by making short but magnificent pop songs. The Pigeon Detectives get through all 12 songs on the album in under 35 minutes which means that the template of their recent singles 'Romantic Type' and 'I’m Not Sorry' is rarely steered away from. These tracks are clearly the standouts along with the other carefully chosen singles and are cleverly dispersed throughout. The modern yet re-hashed punk pop song does have its downfalls though. Aside from an acoustic break at the beginning of 'I Can’t Control Myself' every track consists of the same elements which means the lesser tracks are easily noticeable aside their superior counterparts. Overall though the momentum is kept. It is fast paced but varied enough to keep the listener’s interest. This band are far more deserving of putting Leeds back on the modern music map than the Kaiser Chiefs.

Track Listing:-

1 Romantic Type
2 I Found Out
3 Don't Know How to Say Goodbye
4 Caught in Your Trap
5 Can't Control Myself
6 I'm Not Sorry
7 You Know I Love You
8 Stop and Go
9 You Better Not Look My Way
10 Take Her Back
11 Wait for Me
12 I'm Always Right

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