Pigeon Detectives


Gorilla, Manchester, 11/3/2017

Pigeon Detectives - Gorilla, Manchester, 11/3/2017

Gillian Fish relives the sounds of mid-noughties indie with a trip to Manchester to watch the Pigeon Detectives


We Met At Sea (2013)
Pigeon Detectives - We Met At Sea

Hit and miss fifth album from West Yorkshire-based indie rock band, the Pigeon Detectives

Wait for me (2007)
Pigeon Detectives - Wait for me

Fast paced but versatile debut album from hard touring Leeds-based band the Pigeon Detectives, who are currently NME's flavour of the month



Live At Leeds

Gillian Fish enjoys the Live At Leeds festival, which saw performances this year among others from the Concetines, Pigeon Detectives, Tribes, Swim Deep, Peace and the much hyped Strypes