Laura Branch - Reviews

Francis Albert Machine

Francis Albert Machine - I Love You & I Don't Want You To Die: Singles & Rarities 1999-2004

Maudlin indiepop on new solo album from Airport Girl member Francis Albert Machine, unfortunately marred by hard-to-hear lyrics


Lovejoy - Strike A Pose

Sophisticated, fun electro pop on one-off 7" single on the new Unpopular label from much-acclaimed twee popsters, Lovejoy


Clientele - Lacewings / Policeman Getting Lost

First release on new indiepop 7" llimited edition label, Unpopular Records, which features two live tracks from the Clientele


Loves - Love

"Conciously retro", but "insanely catchy" indiepop on long-awaited debut from Cardiff's the Loves


Pipas - Bitter Club

"Eerily bittersweet" and "nerve-wracking" indiepop from much acclaimed Pipas


Loves - Shake Yr Bones

Familiar, but comforting indiepop on new single from Cardiff group, the Loves

Set Designers

Set Designers - Five Songs

Ramsackingly "charming and cute" bedroom indiepop from new act, the Set Designers

The King Of Luxembourg

The King Of Luxembourg - Sweets Of Japan

Entertaining, if a little idiosyncratic indiepop on coloured vinyl from former él sigining Simon Fisher Turner, aka the King of Luxembourg


Foxgloves - Lives You Didn't Lead

First-rate indie pop from new British duo the Foxgloves, who have drawn early comparisions with the Smiths and New Order

Liberty Ship

Liberty Ship - Northern Angel EP

Perfect "jangly indie pop with harmonicas" from exciting new Nottingham-based group, Liberty Ship

The Guild League

The Guild League - Private Transport

Debut album from Lucksmiths' voclaist and percussionist Tali White's side project, the Guild League, which, despite chirpy sing-a-long nature contains a surprisingly dark edge

Paper Moon

Paper Moon - One Thousad Reasons To Stay

Spectacular "pristine pop" on "Impressive debut" from new Winnipeg group


Various - Little Darla Has A Treat Foryou V.19, Indian Summe

Thoroughly enjoyable new sampler from the diverse Darla indiepop label, that fields a "wealth of new, slightly off the beaten track music"


Various - Hit Music Only

"Delightful" debut compilation from new indie-pop label, Heavenly Pop Hits, which, co-run by Pennyblackmusic writer Tommy Gunnarsson, includes tracks by Remington Super 60, Nixon, Sodastream and ballboy


Pipas - A Short Film About Sleeping

"Sophisticated" debut release on Matinee label by new London girl/boy duo Pipas

Michael Carpenter

Michael Carpenter - Up Close

"Classic " power pop release from under-rated Australian multi-instrumentalist Michael Carpenter that compiles together tracks from his previous two albums, Hopefulness' and 'Baby' , but which also features several new songs


Various - The Politics Of Disappearance

'The soundtrack to an imaginary film – the soundtrack to your internal monologue", 'The Politics of Disappearance' is the latest compilation from Radio Khartoum, "one of the few truly innovative record labels of the moment."


Motormark - Our Lips Are Sealed

Some would say sacrilegeous, others brilliant reworking of the old Go Gos hit.


Various - Compilation Electro

The French – they’re suave, they’re chic, they invented pain au chocolat – and for this I salute them. They also excel at making rather fine but largely ignored pop music, although fear not because “

Lollipop Train

Lollipop Train - Junior Electric Magazine

This is the penultimate instalment in a series of fantasy pop concept albums which have come on the Siesta label offshoot – Reverie. The albums, released between September 1998 and September 2000 , c