John Clarkson - Profiles

Doug Hoekstra

Doug Hoekstra - Ten Seconds In Between

John Clarkson examines Nashville-based singer-songwriter and author Doug Hoekstra's haunting new collection of short stories.


Miscellaneous - Profile

John Clarkson examines new five-CD box set 'Big Gold Dreams', which documents Scottish punk and independent music between 1977 and 1989, and proves to be the definitive account of a definitive era.

Doug Hoekstra

Doug Hoekstra - Unopened

John Clarkson reflectson 'Unopened'. the debut poetry collection of Nashville-based singer-songwriter Doug Hoekstra.

Anthony Strutt

Anthony Strutt - 1962-2018: An Appreciation

Editor John Clarkson reflects on the music writing and his own friendship with our long-term writer Anthony Strutt, who died on March 25th after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Mary O'Meara

Mary O'Meara - 1966-2017: An Appreciation

John Clarkson pays tribute to our writer and his friend Mary O'Meara who died in December.

Mary O'Meara

Mary O'Meara - Interview

Pennyblackmusic writer Mary O'Meara, who has previously published ‘Between the Lines: A History of Haven’, a 2012 music biography and personal memoir about 90s indie/alternative band Haven, speaks to John Clarkson about her debut novel, 'A Certain Kind Of Light'.

Mary O'Meara

Mary O'Meara - A Certain Kind of Light

John Clarkson examines 'A Certain Kind of Light', the debut novel of Pennyblackmusic writer Mary O'Meara

Kimberly Bright

Kimberly Bright - Interview

Kimberly Bright speaks to John Clarkson about her biography 'Chris Spedding: Reluctant Guitar Hero', which has just been reissued in a tenth anniversary revised edition, and the difficulties of self-publishing


Madam - When I Met You

Sukie Smith, the front woman with London-based band Madam, talks through the making of the video for 'When I Met You', the first single from 'Back to the Sea', the band's forthcoming third album

New Model Army

New Model Army - DVD-Between Dog and Wolf: The NMA Story

Adrian Huggins examines 'Between Dog and Wolf', a feature length, career- charting documentary of legendary British band New Model Army.


Wilby - Profile

John Clarkson reflects on musician-turned-comedian Rosie Wilby's new stand-up show, 'Nineties Woman'

Mary O'Meara

Mary O'Meara - Interview

John Clarkson talks to Pennyblackmusic writer and author Mary O'Meara about her biography on 90's indie/alternative rock band, Haven


Miscellaneous - Interview

Pennyblackmusic writer Nicky Crewe talks to John Clarkson about some of her musical memories of Manchester between the 1960s and 1980s, which include touring with Captain Beefheart, sharing a house with Martin Hannett, knowing Tony Wilson and working at the Hacienda on its opening night


Miscellaneous - Broken

John Clarkson enjoys new DVD and coming-of-age drama 'Broken', which includes a soundtrack that involves Damon Albarn

Janice Long

Janice Long - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to influential DJ and presenter Janice Long about her lengthy career and new television series, 'The Janice Long Review Show'


Waterboys - Adventures of a Waterboy

John Clarkson is impressed by the honesty of Waterboys' front man Mike Scott's new autobiography,'Adventures of a Waterboy'


Outsiders - Outsiders

John Clarkson looks back on the career of 70's band the Outsiders, which was the first group of Adrian Borland from the Sound, and who are often seen as being the the first punk band to self-release an album

Pete Weiss

Pete Weiss - Pete Weiss

John Clarkson finds Vermont-based producer and musician Pete Weiss to have moved away from his surrealist humorous past and to be in more serious frame of mind on both his bands, the Weisstronauts and Sool's latest EPs, 'The Wisstronauts in Memphis' and 'A Touch of Sool'

Blue Eyed Black

Blue Eyed Black - Interview

Former Fire Engines drummer Russell Burn and journalist and ex Re-Action Recordings owner Innes Reekie talk to John Clarkson about their new label Mayakovsky Produkts and its first album, the self-titled debut CD of Burn's new band Spectorbullets


Miscellaneous - Interview with Kenny Paterson

Kenny Paterson was a studio engineer from the mid 1980's to 1990's at Glasgow's legendary Park Lane Studios. John Clarkson chats to him about his new retrospective CD, 'Park Lane Archives', which compiles together tracks from many of the artists who recorded there