Scott Miller



For those of us who are constantly on the search for new music, a good record label can be one of the best friends you could ask for. Anyone who's gone to a record store and/or record site in the last

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Television Personalities - And Dont The Kids Just Love It

Television Personalities

All I remember about the first time I heard the Television Personalities is the vague sense of irritation I felt about the silliness of the song. It was 'Part Time Punks' from the 'Wanna Buy A Bridge'

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Aislers Set - Profile

Aislers Set

I lucked out as a kid. Even though I was cursed with strict, worrisome parents who always made sure my curfew was earlier and my allowance more meager than all my friends, I lived by a Tower records.


What, above all else, does December bring to the true music fanatic? Stockings stuffed with record store gift certificates and blank tapes? Conversations about the Beach Boys Christmas album? A CD fro

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Aislers Set - How I Learned To Write Backwards

Aislers Set

Substantial new album from San Francisco's the Aislers Set, "one of the only bands who consistently and successfully deliver the goods when it comes to melody over image and attitude"

Clientele - Lost Weekend


"Beautiful, heady return to form " from British urban psychedela experts, the Clientele

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Hefner - Boxing Hefner