Little Boots - Tomorrow's Yesterdays

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 12 / 4 / 2022

Little Boots - Tomorrow's Yesterdays

Label: Little Boots
Format: CD
Homemade DIY disco on accomplished but melancholic latest album from electronic artist Little Boots


Little Boots - actually Blackpool musician Victoria Hesketh - seemed bound for a glittering career when she first emerged more than a decade ago about the same time as fellow electro-diva Lady Gaga. She topped the Sound of 2009 BBC poll and was initially as successful and popular as Ellie Goulding and Adele. But subsequently her achievements have been more modest. Now Little Boots is gaining attention once again. On keyboards and vocals she is part of the ten-piece band appearing in the Abba Voyage shows in London in May. And she has released a new album, 'Tomorrow's Yesterdays' which is in the style of the homemade DIY disco that first made her name. It is an accomplished record - though, underneath the smooth, gliding beats it's a rather melancholy listen. Its lyrics frequently major on isolation and regret. 'Crying On The Inside' laments lost love while 'Landline' wistfully recalls the era before mobile phones. 'Back To Mine' is cheerier with Little Boots singing invitingly, “There's a disco in the kitchen, a party in the hall”. The best song is probably the title track – a big piano ballad with a nice Beatles-like sequence of chords. Hopefully, the combination of her performances in the Abba shows in May and the release of 'Tomorrow's Yesterdays' will see Little Boots recover some of her earlier well-deserved popularity.

Track Listing:-

1 Love The Beginning
2 Silver Balloons
3 Landline
4 Back To Mine
5 Crying On The Inside
6 Heavenly
7 Deborah
8 Out (Out)
9 Want You Back?
10 Nothing Ever Changes
11 Tomorrow's Yesterdays

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