Blues Against Youth - As the Tide Gets High and Low

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 12 / 4 / 2022

Blues Against Youth - As the Tide Gets High and Low

Label: Escape! Today
Format: CD
Authentic and integral blues on sixth album from Italian one-man project The Blues Against Youth


Authenticity. Integrity. Two words that are not far from most British citizens lips at the moment, and with good reason. These are two very powerful words to be deployed like weapons - in any context, especially politics, natch, but also music as well. In fact, these two words are de facto expected to be associated with music, sadly less so with British politics. But that’s a whole other sad, sickening story. So let a new champion enter the cultural arena, glistening with authenticity and integrity, going by the name of Gianni TBAY, expounding with great skill the gospel of the Delta Blues. And - get this - he is Italian. But this matter not one jot, as TBAY’s latest album - his sixth - is blindingly good. And not a hint of pastiche in earshot. TBAY really gets his chosen musical genre, and to these ears hits the mark at every turn and occasion. His guitar picking and slide work are exemplary, and the production -given that it was recorded during the Covid debacle - is top notch. As is the songwriting. Drawing on personal experiences - 'Say Something, Particle Filter Blues' - TBAY also pays homage to lesser known purveyors of the Blues and those who trod the weary path. This collection of songs has a certain richness running through them, a kind of trace DNA of authenticity that links the present to the past, the Deep South and Ohio dust bowls all the way back to TBAYS modern day Turin. In this instance I feel there is little point in trawling through each song on this album, critically dissecting each composition in order to justify the time spent writing this review. So lets just settle for the following: Gianni TBAY doesn’t need to attempt to re-invent genres or put a contemporary spin on what has come before. He embraces the history and cultural resonance of the genre and creates a satisfying addition to it. 'As the Tide Gets High and Low' IS extremely satisfying.

Track Listing:-

1 Refugee
2 Goin' to Chicago
3 Slanted Path
4 I'd Rather Hide Deep in the Backwoods
5 Goin' to East Texas
6 Particle Filter Blues
7 Blue Muse
8 Devil's Train
9 Say Something
10 Oblivion

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