Gary Olson - Gary Olson

  by Nicky Crewe

published: 13 / 7 / 2020

Gary Olson - Gary Olson

Label: Tapete Records
Format: CD
Ex Ladybird Transistor frontman Gary Olson joins forces with Norwegian brothers Ole Johannes and Jorn Aleskjaer to create a perfect indie pop album that was eight years in the making


Gary Olson met the Alskjaer brothers when Ladybug Transistor toured with their band, Loch Ness Mouse. Olson’s Marlborough Farms studio in Flatbush, Brooklyn and the Alskjaer’s Tune-J studio in Hayland, Norway became the twin locations where this collaborative album was created and produced. Over a period of eight years music flowed back and forth between the two studios, bringing different and complementary influences to this collection of eleven songs. The arrangements are beautiful, with strings, harmonies and Gary Olson’s distinctively uplifting trumpet sound as well as his lovely singing voice. They are simple and yet sophisticated at the same time. Nothing is out of place. The melodies invite you to sing along, soon becoming familiar favourites. There are stories and characters in the lyrics which invite you in. Current favourites are the opening track 'Navy Boats', 'Some Advice', 'Afternoon Into Evening' and 'Diego It’s Time', but there’s really no need to choose with an album this enjoyable. Eight years is a long time to stay committed to a project and to remain motivated to see it through. The shared conviction has paid off, and it’s been well worth the wait. When Gary Olson was asked how he would like the album to be listened to, he replied, "I’d suggest listening in a moving train facing the window. Close your eyes and feel the sunlight pass between the trees. Open your eyes slowly and realize you’ve missed your stop, repeat." I’m using my imagination to recreate that dream of train travel in these lockdown days. This soundtrack is perfect. There’s even a track called 'A Dream For a Memory;.

Track Listing:-

1 Navy Boats
2 Giovanna Please
3 Some Advice
4 Postcard From Lisbon
5 All Points North
6 Initials DC
7 Afternoon Into Evening
8 Diego It’s Time
9 A Dream For A Memory
10 Tourists Taking Photographs
11 The Old Twin

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