Sam Brace - Fever and Bones

  by Nick Dent-Robinson

published: 21 / 6 / 2022

Sam Brace - Fever and Bones

Label: Elusive Music
Format: CD
Strong 1990s alternative rock-influenced debut solo album from folk punk band Skinny Lister's guitarist Sam Brace


As guitarist in Folk Punk band Skinny Lister, Sam Brace is already a highly respected musician. He made a big contribution to Skinny Lister's last five studio albums and performed on international headline tours with them. After ten years with Skinny Lister, multi-instrumentalist Sam has, however, decided to produce his own solo album, 'Fever & Bones”, collaborating with long-time friend and fellow-songwriter, Adam Tarry. The eleven track album is influenced by Radiohead, David Bowie and many 1990s rock artists and is launching on the Elusive Music label in June. As Sam describes it, “The phrase 'Fever & Bones' is about the hyper-intense state of being which characterises the moment you become totally infatuated with someone. The obsession, heat and lust that takes over every thread of your being. But it is also about the pain when things come to an end. When all you feel is hot confusion, layered over a walking skeleton. My debut solo album is a celebration of, and memorial to, those moments - past and future.” Sam has also released as a single the first track on the album, 'Partly Coded'. He describes this track as “about losing the person you are closest to – and then getting them back again by letting go of a bunch of things you'd wrongly thought were important to your identity. The song is a reminder never to close yourself off to the possibility of change.” Sam Brace and Adam Tarry used to be in bands together back in their school days. They have enjoyed collaborating again and hope to continue working together into the future. Certainly, 'Fever & Bones' is a strong and rather different album which showcases the creativity and originality of both Sam Brace and Adam Tarry. It is well-produced and fully-formed musically. They deserve success with it.

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