Stay - Old Sounds of Modern Music

  by Steve Kinrade

published: 8 / 12 / 2021

Stay - Old Sounds of Modern Music

Label: Magic Mountain Music
Format: LP
Astonishing and timeless fifth album from Barcelona-based group Stay which inhabits its own universe


I have always said that the best albums, in that a collection of songs that are brought together to coexist together at the same time, create their own rationale, their own raison d’etre, their own universe. The very highest compliment I can pay is that the Barcelona combo Stay, have, with their fifth album 'Old Sounds Of Modern Music', have achieved this objective. This is an album that could have been recorded between fifty and sixty years ago, but manages to stay fresh and contemporary at the same time. It is a feat of musical alchemy that needs to be vigorously applauded. Researching this band I came across references aligning them to BritPop and that period in the 1990s where Oasis and Blur stormed the musical landscape with contemporary reworking’s of the family vinyl collection. But the difference to these ears is that STAY have bypassed these bands are gone direct to the musical source of The Beatles, Love, Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and drank deeply such drafts of inspiration that make such a difference. As a Spanish journalist shrewdly noted, STAY have deployed the best of the “Saxon rock tradition” (how I love that phrase) to deliver a set of songs that are relevant and beautiful in their construction. And I totally agree. The album kicks off with the Richards' inspired riff of 'Get Going', which through lead singer Jordi’s seductive vocal provides the perfect call to arms as the album opener. It’s a real stomper with some great guitar heroics, and sets the tone for what is to come. 'Hold On is a beautifully constructed song that would make more well known writers envious. 'No Way Out' is a superb example of mellow psyche, the perfect platform for this band to display their abundant musical credentials. The album closes with the acoustic driven 'Snake Eyes', aided by some evocative keyboard work and lovely harmonies. The production values of this, and the rest of the track are nuanced and appropriate. As I have said above, this is an album that seems to have come out from a time capsule, but embodies the very best of the 1960’s ethic and musical sensibility. The musicianship and song-writing is of the very highest quality. Stay have drawn on the very best of the past, to deliver the very best of the now. Truly, an astonishing achievement

Track Listing:-

1 Get Going
2 Look To The Other Side
3 . Hold On
4 You Make Me Feel Alright
5 Old Times
6 Love
7 Going Back
8 The Fool
9 No Way Out
10 Snake Eyes
11 Tomorrow Never Knows#2 (Bonus Track - Digital Album)
12 . Hold On (Extended Version - Digital Album)
13 Going Back (Extended Version - Digital Album)

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