Gilbert O'Sullivan


From Genesis to Revelation (2012)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - From Genesis to Revelation

Malcolm Carter reflects upon Genesis's 1969 debut album, 'From Genesis to Revelation', which has just been reissued in a remastered edition

Back to Front (2012)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Back to Front

Tommy Gunnarsson looks at acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan's recently reissued second album, 'Back to Front'

Himself (2011)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Himself

Tommy Gunnarsson examines Irish singer-songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan's 1971 debut album, 'Himself'


The Essential Collection (2016)
Gilbert O'Sullivan - The Essential Collection

Appealing new double CD collection from 1970's chart-topper Gilbert O’Sullivan features back-in-the day ballads, but also illustrates how his songwriting excelled thereafter