Laetitia Sadier


Interview (2012)

Laetitia Sadier - Interview

Ex-Stereolab front woman Laetitia Sadier speaks to Mark Rowland about the strong and angry political nature of 'Silencio', her new solo album

Interview (2010)

Laetitia Sadier - Interview

Stereolab vocalist Laetitia Sadier talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about the inspirations for her debut solo album, 'The Trip'


The Trip (2010)
Laetitia Sadier - The Trip

Excellent pop-oriented debut solo album for Stereolab singer, Laetitia Sadier



Laetitia Sadier/Monade
Interview Monade - Interview

Primarily known for being the singer with the experimental rock group Stereolab, Laetitia Sadier formed a second group, Monade, in 1996, which has just released its third album. At a Monade gig at the Borderline in London she speaks to Anthony Strutt about her work with both groups


Laetitia Sadier
Deaf Institute, Manchester, 5/11/2012 Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 5/11/2012

Dixie Ernill at the Deaf Institute in Manchester watches ex-Stereolab front woman Laetitia Sadier play a gently understated, but disappointing set to promote her new solo album, ‘Silencio’