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Innocence Man (2012)

Potentially promising, but ultimately frustrating debut album from distorted Manchester alternative rockers, Easter


Mitch Easter
Interview Mitch Easter - Interview

Anthony Strutt chats to musician, producer and studio owner Mitch Easter about his work with R.E.M. in their early career, and his own much acclaimed 80's band Let's Active

Track and Field
Pow to the People, 31/3/2002 Miscellaneous - Pow to the People, 31/3/2002

The third annual Pow to the People festival at the Camden Monarch in London featured such indie pop lumionaries as the Butterflies of Love, Woodchuck, Cane 141 and Saloon. Gary Wollen has a riveting Easter Sunday

Mitch Easter
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Producer Mitch Easter has worked with R.E.M., Pavement, Dinosaur Jr and Velvet Crush , but for many years also fronted his own band Let's Active. With a Let's Active tribute album just out, Malcolm Carter takes the opportunity to assess his career

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