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Signal To Noise (2002)

"Abominable" and pretentious new album from Montreal collective, who have been cited in some quarters as the future of hardcore



Interview Dead Men Walking - Interview

Kirk Brandon talks to Andrew Twambley about the latest line-up of his punk supergroup Dead Men Walking, their new album 'Freedom, It Ain't On the Rise' and playing Fleetwood

May Pang
Interview 1 May Pang - Interview 1

May Pang recalls her rise as a music executive, explores the art of song plugging and demystifies her relationship with John Lennon, and more with Lisa Torem in an exclusive two-part interview.

Hugh Cornwell
Interview Hugh Cornwell - Interview

Ex-Strangler and now established solo artist Hugh Cornwell is about to release a solo 'best of' album, 'The Fall and Rise of', and will be playing an acoustic tour in November around the lesser-known parts of the UK. Denzil Watson speaks to him about the album, tour and his former band

Sleaford Mods
Interview Sleaford Mods - Interview

Denzil Watson talks to controversial post-punk/hip hop duo Sleaford Mods about their rise, working with the Prodigy and their plans for the future

Saint Marie Records
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

John Clarkson talks Wyatt Parkins and Anthony Davis from the flourishing Texas-based independent label Saint Marie Records about the reasons for the rapid rise and success of their label which, despite being just over a year old, has already over twenty acts signed to it

Ben de la Cour

Malcolm Carter speaks to New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Ben de la Cour about his former doom-metal band Dead Man's Root, and his captivating and Americana-influenced second album, 'To the River Rise'

Au Pairs
Interview Au Pairs - Interview

Tommy Gunnarsson speaks to Jane Munro, the bassist with 70's Birmingham-based political indie punk/funk group the Au Pairs, about her group's rise and fall

Interview Part 1 Records - Interview Part 1

In the late 70's melodic power pop rockers the Records looked breifly set for major success, especially in America, but it all fell apart in a series of Spinal Tap-esque bad decisions. In the first part of a two part interview, drummer Will Birch chats to John Clarkson about his group's rise...

Immortal Lee County Killers
Interview Immortal Lee County Killers - Interview

Now in their third incarnation the Immortal Lee County Killers have just released a new album 'These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again'. In London Mark Rowland chats to singer Chetley Weis about it and the jazz greats.

Interview Departure - Interview

Described as the forerunners of the new 80's revival, the Departure have had a meteoric rise since first forming little over a year ago and are now about to release their first album. Guitarit Lee Irons and bassist Ben Weaver speak to Anthony Strutt

Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Hard rockers The Glitterati have recently released their self-titled debut album and have just had their first Top 40 hit.. At a Southampton gig guitarist Nic Denson talks to Anastasia Grabov about his groups's sudden rise

Tiger Army
Interview Tiger Army - Interview

American punks Tiger Army have had to cope with a series of disasters, including their drummer being shot. Helen Tipping speaks to frontman Nick 13 about the group's survival against the odds, and their third album 'Ghost Tigers Rise'

Dead Fly Buchowski
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

New punk group Dead Fly Buchowski have recently signed to Beggar's Banquet and have just released their debut single 'Blackout'. With their debut album on the way, singer Roddy Campbell speaks to Olga Sladeckova about the group's rise


Johnny Marr
Set the Boy Free Johnny Marr - Set the Boy Free

Mary O'Meara discovers both the inner and outer worlds of Johnny Marr, from vivid childhood memories to the meteoric rise of The Smiths and beyond in his newly published memoirs 'Set the Boy Free'

Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Niick Dent-Robinson looks at country music capital Nashville, which has seen a dramatic recent rise in popularity amongst visitors because of the 'Nashville' TV series

Book-Buddy Guy with David Ritz
When I Left Home Buddy Guy - When I Left Home

Lisa Torem enjoys Buddy Guy's autobiography, which tells of his remarkable rise to fame from his early poor background on a farm in rural Louisiana

Breaking Glass Hazel O Connor - Breaking Glass

Tom Fogarty enjoys 1980 cynical cult film ‘Breaking Glass’, which starring Hazel O’Connor and about a punk band's rise to fame, has just been re-released in a collector’s edition on DVD

Love Story Love - Love Story

Love Story’ is a new film documentary which tells of the rise of the band Love from its earliest roots in 60’s Los Angeles until frontman Arthur Lee's death earlier this year. Anthony Strutt attends one of its two London screenings

Sheffield Phonographic Corporation
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

7' trashy garage rock label, Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation has had a lot of acclaim and press since releasing it debut single at the beginning of the year. John Clarkson talks to co-owner, Tiffin, about its rise.

Sickroom Gramophone Collective
Interview with Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson Miscellaneous - Interview with Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson

Norwich's the Sickroom Gramophone Collective has met with major success with Bearsuit and is one of the up-and-coming labels in Britain. Owners Rhys Harper and Benjamin Watson talk to Gary Wollen about its spectacular rise

Subway/Martin Whitehead
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

The Subway Organiszation label was one of the great indiepop labels of 80's. It owner Martin Whitehead, who was also the guitarist with the band the Flatmates, talks to Tommy Gunnarsson about its spectacular rise and fall

Tom Tom Club
ABC, Glasgow, 20/72011 Tom Tom Club - ABC, Glasgow, 20/72011

John Clarkson watches the Tom Tom Club, despite underwhelming ticket sales leading to a change of location, rise to the occasion and play an exuberant set at the ABC in Glasgow

Sleepy Sun
Borderline, London, 29/11/2010 Sleepy Sun - Borderline, London, 29/11/2010

While their front woman Rachel Fannan has recently left the band, Chris O' Toole watches San Francisco group Sleepy Sun now operating as a five piece rise against the odds and play an awe-striking and epic set of psychedelia

3 Daft Monkeys
Trades Hall, Hebden Bridge, 7/11/2010

At a somewhat shambolic gig at the Trades Hall in Hebden Bridge, Helen Tipping sees 3 Daft Monkeys rise above the occasion and play a set of stunning folk dance

Official Secrets Act
Roadhouse, Manchester, 26/3/2009 Official Secrets Act - Roadhouse, Manchester, 26/3/2009

Out on the road to promote their debut album 'Understanding Electricity', Dixie Ernill watches excitable band-on-the-rise Official Secrets Act play a stunning set of indie pop at the Manchester Roadhouse

Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005 Miscellaneous - Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005

London-based trio Stoner have elements, among others, of both Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley. At a sadly unattended show in Carlisle, Sarah Johnston watches them rise above the occasion and play a superb set

Washington, Sheffield, 14/4/2005 Misterlee - Washington, Sheffield, 14/4/2005

Despite a sparse audience at new and under-promoted venue the Sheffield Washington, Helen Tipping watches Misterlee, "one of the UK's more unusual band, rise to the occasion and put on an empassioned performance

Rise Against
The Sufferer and the Witness Rise Against - The Sufferer and the Witness

In the latest in our Re : View series, in which our writers look back at albums from previous years, Alex Halls examines Chicago quartet punk Rise Against's fourth album 'The Sufferer and the Witness;, which he missed out on when it was released last year


Michael Bruce
Raging Pages Michael Bruce - Raging Pages

In her 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem reflects on former Alice Cooper Group songwriter/pianist/guitarist Michael Bruce's updated memoir 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', which chronicles the group's rise and eventual disbandment and has just been published in an updated edition.

Stiff Records
The Stiff Records Story Richard Balls - The Stiff Records Story

in her regular 'Raging Pages' book column Lisa Torem finds that Richard Balls' book ‘Be Stiff’, which is about the rise and fall of Stiff Records, imbues a classic, cultural relevance and that its heroes made an indelible mark on pop/punk music.

Vinyl Stories
Planet Vinyl A Natural History Part 3 Miscellaneous - Planet Vinyl A Natural History Part 3

In the third and final part of Dave Goodwin's examination of the rise of the vinyl record in 'Vinyl Stories', he asks what the future holds for vinyl?

Vinyl Stories
Planet Vinyl A Natural History Part 2 Miscellaneous - Planet Vinyl A Natural History Part 2

In last month's Vinyl Stories we took ourselves from the very start of the record to the point of vinyl's world domination. In part two of Dave Goodwin's journey into this rise of the vinyl record he examines the trends and fortunes of in-demand records with the help of an old friend called Jimmy

Bobby Rydell
Raging Pages Bobby Rydell - Raging Pages

In his new autobiography, American vocalist Bobby Rydell chronicles his early rise to fame and subsequent personal challenges and triumphs.

Louise Harrison
My Kid Brothers Band: AKA The Beatles Louise Harrison - My Kid Brothers Band: AKA The Beatles

In her book column 'Raging Pages' Lisa Torem examines Louise Harrison's book 'My Kid Brother’s Band a.k.a. The Beatles' which reflects her relationship with her brother, George Harrison and his rise to fame and also sheds light on her family

Ringo Starr
Photograph Ringo Starr - Photograph

Lisa Torem, in the second part of a two part edition of her book column 'Raging Pages', looks at Ringo Starr's new book, 'Photograph', which reveals never-seen-before pictures of his youth, rise to stardom and leisurely moments with loved ones.

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
December 2014 Miscellaneous - December 2014

Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' looks at the recent rise in vinyl sales and asks how this will effect CD sales

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
September 2013 Miscellaneous - September 2013

With vinyl sales on the rise, Ben Howarth in 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll' reflects on the possible impact of the first 'Cassette Store Day', which took place on September 7th this year

Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
May 2012 Miscellaneous - May 2012

In 'Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll', Ben Howarth looks, amidst the decline of the record industry, at the phenomenal rise of Adele

Gimme Indie Rock
Drunkenly Clanking the Tambourine: My Life as a Failed Internet Sensation Miscellaneous - Drunkenly Clanking the Tambourine: My Life as a Failed Internet Sensation

In 'Gimme Indie Rock' Jamie Rowland writes about his teenage band's rise and sharp fall

Taste of Chaos Miscellaneous - Taste of Chaos

Katie Anderson photographs Rise Against, Gallows, Aiden and the Blackout on post-hardcore tour the Taste of Chaos at the Portsmouth Guildhall

Breakdown Miscellaneous - Breakdown

In the third and final part of his series on the 70's punk era, Adam Wood looks at the rise into the mainstream of the punk movement, after the Sex Pistols' infamous appearance with Bill Grundy on the 'Today' show and its subsequent decline as a result

London's Burning Miscellaneous - London's Burning

In the first part of a new three part series, in which Adam Wood examines the rise of 70's British punk, he looks at the social and the political factors of the country at the time which both generated and developed the movement.

Attitude-A Film by Don Letts Punk - Attitude-A Film by Don Letts

John Clarkson examines Don Letts' powerful new DVD film 'Punk : Attitude' which puts a fresh light and focus on the already often told history of the rise of punk

Book-Thin Lizzy
Soldiers of Fortune Thin Lizzy - Soldiers of Fortune

"Riveting and compelling" account of the rise and fall of 70's hard rock band Thin Lizzy, and its frontman, Phil Lynott

Rise of New Folk Miscellaneous - Rise of New Folk

The new folk movement has been on the rise for a couple of years. Withartists such as Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake popular all over again, and new ones such as Damien Rise in the charts, Mark Rowland profiles the new movement

Lock Up Yours Sons !
The Turbonegro Story Turbo Negro - The Turbonegro Story

Despite numerous break-ups and line-up changes, and a particulary apocalyptic and controversial image, Turbenegro have become one of the biggest bands on the Scandinavian guitar rock scene. Andrew Carver charts their unconventional rise

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