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The Tourniquet (2005)

Introspective folk-tinged electronica/pop from Magnet, the nom de plume for singer songwriter Even Johansen, which sadly does not equal its parts or his more distinguished past

Lay Lady Lay (2004)

Impressive cover of Bob Dylan classic, which combines the talents of Norwegian singer Eben Johansen aka Magnet with Hope Sandoval soundalike, Gemma Hayes


Monster Magnet
Interview Monster Magnet - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Dave Wyndorf from New Jersey-formed rock outfit Monster Magnet about their new album 'Last Patrol' and their decision to tour America for the first time in ten years

David Grubbs
Interview David Grubbs - Interview

Paul Waller talks to New York-based experimental musician and solo artist David Grubbs about his early years with influential hardcore bands Squirrel Bait and Bitch Magnet and his new album ‘The Plain Where the Palace Stood’


Magnet, Liverpool, 31/3/2016 Penetration - Magnet, Liverpool, 31/3/2016

John Hogkinson watches reformed 70's punk band Penetration at The Magnet make a forceful return to Liverpool thirty-seven years after they last played there

Wayne Hussey
West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003 Mission - West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003

Julia Willis has been a fan of both Wayne Hussey and the Mission for years, but at the West End Centre in Aldershot she is forced to reflect on how some things aren't meant to last...

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